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The Company That’s Changing Eyeware: Warby Parker

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It’s possible to get designer quality glasses for only $95, never leave your home and help donate a free pair with Warby Parker. I’ve never really put my thought into what my glasses look like from a style perspective. I realize as someone that wants to look smart your glasses can speak to your style and personality. Personally, I choose to put a greater emphasis on my other accessories and leave the style of my glasses up to whatever is at my health care providers office. However, there’s a company that’s trying to change the eyewear industry for the consumers benefit. Cutting out the middle man and putting the control into the consumers hand without the need to go walk into the store. In fact, you can try on whatever pair you want in the comfort of your home for free and only keep what you like. Plus, they’re making an impact in the community donating a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchased pair.

Warby Parker Gives Gives You Designer Quality

If you’ve never worn glasses before this post will be hard for you to relate or sympathize with the challenges the eyewear wearing community faces. Glasses are an absolute racket especially if you can’t get them covered by your insurance or you’re forced to rely on only one pair for every two years (that’s what I had growing up). While I’m honestly not sure I was hip enough in Middle School or High School to wear the styles that Warby Parker features, I do know my mother would have appreciated the price tag much more than the $200+ she would have to pay when I went to the doctor for a new pair.

Warby Parker Product Search

For someone that is very self conscious about their eyewear and looking for the latest and greatest Warby Parker is a great resource for you to try. In fact, you can try any frame you want for free. The Home Try-on program is one that ensures you get exactly the product and look you want and don’t have to waste your time or effort going into the store or your optician to see what options are available.
Warby Parker Spring 2015 Collection

While I’m personally skeptical I can pull off frames as hip as the Warby Parker Spring 2015 collection depicted above, I am definitely going to try a few pairs and see if I can make them work. The amount my insurance will cover, combined with the starting price of $95 for the frame and prescription lenses, means I might actually be able to up my eyewear style without breaking the budget.

Make A Difference With Your Purchase Through Warby Parker

Similar to the TOM’s brand model with shoes, Warby Parker has a mission to lead the way for socially conscious businesses through their buy a pair, give a pair program. They recently just went over the one million pairs donated threshold and created the video below to help celebrate the accomplishment.

Ultimately, the Warby Parker culture is what drives their innovation and dedication to the overall cause of bringing a great product to those in need and those that want a great product for less. If designer style glasses are something you’re interested in, but don’t want to blow your entire health coverage deductible on them, then Warby Parker may be just the solution you’re looking for. Free home try-on and having a pair donated with every purchase are two amazing benefits you get from this innovative company. They definitely fit the mold of a company that wants to help you look smart and spend smart while helping you save time from the comfort home. Help someone in need while you get the eyewear you need with Warby Parker.

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