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The Hiatus is Over

What seemed like a complete drop off of the map was really just a time to rejuvenate, refocus and rededicate myself to look smart, eat smart and spend smart. It’s difficult to promote and motivate others when you don’t practice what you preach. During this hiatus new discoveries have been made to help others look smarteat smart and spend smart with an increased focus on sharing personal experiences regardless of my relationship with that particular company.

New partnerships have been developed, but most importantly the focus has been reaffirmed to help you save time and be the best person you can be. The pace will likely be less frantic, meaning daily posts are likely a thing of the past, but that should result in more in-depth and thought out topics rather than getting content out the door simply for the sake of writing. While the exercise of writing something everyday for two straight months was a great, and successful, challenge it really wasn’t the purpose of this site. I look forward to sharing several new companies, discoveries, experiences and sites with you and hopefully leverage to look smarteat smart and spend smart.

Here’s the optimizing your life one day at a time.

30 Sites Worth Visiting for April

As a way to give back, and go completely off topic, I’m sharing 30 unique sites that I believe are worth visiting in the coming month of April. I’m not partnered with, nor do I have any kind of personal relationship with any of the site owners. They’re simply a wide variety of topics, styles and subjects that I’ve taken the time to wade through, and pull out some of my personal favorites that I visit to gain inspiration and insight. How you choose to go through them is entirely up to you, but my personal recommendation, unless have the time, would be to visit one site a day, every day, for the month of April. If you’re like me, and enjoy constantly learning and discovery, then this list below will help you jump start your discovery next month. It’s my way to say ‘thank you’ for reading over the past two months and pass on some additional reading material that you may enjoy. Feel free to add your favorite sites that you enjoy visiting and I’ll be sure to add these to the future recommendations.


New Product to ‘Cut The Cord’ with Mohu Channels

Back in February, I made the choice to cut my TV service and save the money I was for other things. Mohu was discussed about a month ago as a potential solution to get local HD channels. If you’re tired of paying for cable or satellite TV Mohu can be a great option to still get great programming without paying monthly subscription costs. About a week ago, USA Today wrote an article recently detailing their latest product release of the new Mohu Channels. We’ll analyze what this new product does and even provide a special coupon code to get $50 off your purchase.


Don’t Wait In Lines With Fandango

Regardless of how innovative TVs or sound systems become there’s still something to be said for going to the movies. While I personally enjoy the experience of Cinetopia, despite the fact they’re not a partner, I know they’re mainly a local option. For others, going to the movies means waiting in lines to get your tickets, waiting in lines to get your snacks, waiting in lines to hit the restroom and then waiting in lines to get into the actual theater room. What if you could eliminate one of those lines, probably the longest of them all, and possibly even save a few bucks in the process? That’s what purchasing tickets through Fandango helps with, save time and eliminate waiting in line for tickets at the theater.


Prep for Sunglasses Season

While the first day of spring has come according to the calendar, it seems much of the country still seems to be experiencing winter like weather. As a way to help brighten up your day and dethaw your mood we’re going to look specifically at a product to help you look smart once the weather cooperates. While we want you to look smart and be prepared we also want to make sure you spend smart because frivolous spending on something we’d classify as ‘nice to have, but not a need’ is plain irresponsible. So in preparation for the summer season, and bright skies, we’re going to take a look at the different options you have for sunglasses.