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Do Looks For Spring With Glasses Interest You?

From season to season, different trends and styles are always introduced. Spring always seems to bring much more vibrant colors and styles with a refreshing sort of appeal. I certainly have my fair share of different colors, types and styles of clothes that’s more fitting for spring than winter. The question is, does having spring specific accessories interest you or are you partial to other more prominent pieces of your outfit? Today I want to exclusively examine the glasses world and see if the Spring Collection from Warby Parker encourages excitement or just causes you to glass over.

Protect Your Investment With Otterbox

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, protecting your investments is one of the best things you can do. Often times this is in the form of insurance or some sort of warranty. While these are important, typically having tools or other products that protect your purchase are best so that you don’t even have to call your insurance or warranty provider. In the case of my cell phone, I knew I was making a serious investment into my hardware for the opportunity to save longterm and only pay $10 per month for my cell phone plan. While I was fortunate and never had any issues with my Blackberry, which only had a simple silicon case on it, I had a feeling if I didn’t get a more heavy duty case I was going to regret it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your cell phone or tablet device, if you want to protect your product there’s no better case than an Otterbox.

Save Hours at the Airport with TSA PreCheck

Since 9/11, and TSA expanding their security, it’s caused a number of changes in how a traveler has to prepare and plan to travel when flying. Even if you carry everything on you still have to plan for getting through security, taking your laptop out, your toiletries out, your shoes and belt off and then wade through the funnel hoping the person in front of you doesn’t trip the system. If you have to check a bag, print or change a boarding pass, and you’re not a preferred a-lister with the particular airline, it’s going to take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get through the line only to have to go through security. Needless to say, it’s a completely inefficient way to travel that causes you to add at least 30 mintues to an hour onto the time you really need to get to the airport. If you decide to cut things close, and security is moving slow, you’re screwed. What if there was a different way? What if I told you for only $85 to $100 you could get a 5-year express pass through security that would cut your time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes, would you do it?


The Upscale Resale Option: Moxie Jean

Every once and a while I hear about a new brand or company that doesn’t have an impact on me because of my current lifestyle. In the past, I’ve ignored their marketing, but as I’ve started this mission to help others look smart, eat smart and spend smart, I’ve started to branch out and try to put myself in my readers shoes to determine if it would be beneficial to them. I recently came across this company that I’m still not certain if my mother would have used when I was growing up, but am certain there’s a market for with other parents. The whole market of baby and kids clothes can be challenging since they can grow so quickly. If you have any desire to get high end clothing it’s a recipe for disaster because they’re going to out grow it without much use. That’s where a company like Moxie Jean comes in that provides an ‘upscale resale’ environment for kids and maternity clothes on some of your favorite brands. So if you want your kid, or know of someone’s kid, that you want to look smart then you’re going to want to read more.