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Eat Smart

The Hiatus is Over

What seemed like a complete drop off of the map was really just a time to rejuvenate, refocus and rededicate myself to look smart, eat smart and spend smart. It’s difficult to promote and motivate others when you don’t practice what you preach. During this hiatus new discoveries have been made to help others look smarteat smart and spend smart with an increased focus on sharing personal experiences regardless of my relationship with that particular company.

New partnerships have been developed, but most importantly the focus has been reaffirmed to help you save time and be the best person you can be. The pace will likely be less frantic, meaning daily posts are likely a thing of the past, but that should result in more in-depth and thought out topics rather than getting content out the door simply for the sake of writing. While the exercise of writing something everyday for two straight months was a great, and successful, challenge it really wasn’t the purpose of this site. I look forward to sharing several new companies, discoveries, experiences and sites with you and hopefully leverage to look smarteat smart and spend smart.

Here’s the optimizing your life one day at a time.

Broaden Your Culinary Palate with Yelp

Word of mouth is much more more prevalent than you think, according to a book I’m currently reading called Contagious: Why Things Catch OnIt states that only 7% of word-of-mouth occurs online despite the growing popularity and usability of social media and the internet in general. While I often take my friends or families suggestions for different restaurant suggestions that I should try, there’s something about being able to search for exactly what I want in the exact location I’m going to be in. Unfortunately the only way to take care of that is with an app or website that has GPS capabilities. I’ve found the site I visit more than any other, when I’m searching for a place to eat, is Yelp. If you’re going to eat out, and you want to eat smart, then I’m going to show you why I suggest using Yelp.

Improving Brain Health with Supplementation

The term ‘Use it or Lose it’ can be used for several different avenues, but an article found on Johns Hopkins University website talks specifically about the necessity for brain stimulation. It’s true, the majority of the issues with cognitive lapses or memory lose come from inactivity of the brain. However, how your fuel your body and what you fuel it with can also have an impact on the energy and mental well being you have. The question is, with all the various supplements and products out on the market what, if anything, can actually help improve your memory and cognition? Today we’re going to examine several different products that lay claim to help keep your mind healthy and sharp and what impact they may be able to have.


Fuel Your Body With Live Superfoods

We’ve written about a few different resources for you to use to eat smartbut so far we haven’t really gotten outside of the world of supplements. A new site that I’ve recently discovered does have supplements, but I’m pretty partial to using Purformulas for any vitamins or minerals that I take. In the food world though, I’m always searching for alternatives to having to go to the grocery store especially if I can get a competitive price. The world of organic foods is naturally going to be much more expensive than if you’re just searching for canned tomato soup from your regular grocery store. While I haven’t found a great, local, vendor that can help supply me with my fresh local produce and meats, I am open to the idea of buying organic snacks online. Those prices tend to be much more consistent across the board regardless of the vendor. Live Superfoods has a great select of high quality superfoods to help you eat smart and fuel your body.

NOW Foods: A Health Junkies Dream

For over 45 years, a company has been led under the belief that good health is not a luxury that should only be available to the wealthy. The health food initiative has been brought more mainstream with the inclusion of the nation wide chain Whole Foods and the global craze for organic foods. Personally, having my tonsils removed in the 3rd grade and having my first visit to a Naturopathic Doctor to discover my various foods allergies, was the start of my health food store shopping initiative. Fortunately, more and more products and brands have come to market giving health conscious consumers more choices to higher quality products. One of the brands that I’ve been using intermittently, and more regularly since converting to the Paleo Diet, has been NOW Foods.