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Over the course of the past month, I’ve been examining different companies that can help you look smarteat smart and spend smart with the goal of also helping you save time. It’s my belief that we’ve just hit the tip of the ice berg with the companies, features and products that can help you achieve one or several of these goals. As new discoveries occur, I’ll be adding these companies to my partners page for easy shopping access. On a more granular level, I’ll be scouring the web for some of the best deals on high quality products to help you look smarteat smart while you spend smart. Hopefully my research will help you save time so you don’t have to spend your down time searching for products. If you have anything specific you’re thinking about purchasing or are on the look out for, feel free to drop me a line on our contact page or leave a comment and I’ll add it to my list of daily product searches. For the purpose of today, I’ll be showcasing what I believe are some of the best companies to buy specific products from and why they’re better than the competition.


Discovering the Undiscovered with Etsy

If I was paid a dollar for every time that I heard, “They don’t make ‘x’ like they used to,” I’d be able to purchase a lot more handmade and vintage products. Sadly, with the outsourcing of manufacturing to overseas, to help cut costs and increase profits, larger corporations have almost completely lost their handmade appeal. Vintage products on the other hand, tend to go on cycles in terms of what style or era is most popular at the time. The easiest industry to see these trends are with clothing, but we’ve noticed it with all types of products (see the PT Cruiser). As eCommerce based businesses continue to grow, it’s allowing more and more businesses, and individuals, to grab a piece of the global economy. Businesses that were once relegated to the Famer’s Markets are now able to sell their products online. Since 2005, Etsy has been one of the global leaders in buying and selling unique handmade and vintage goods. With over 1.4 million unique sellers and upwards of 29 million products listed, you can literally find anything while supporting local or small shop individuals that are either selling for a hobby or to test their concepts out to the masses.

Regular Jane & Joe Fitness Guides From

I’ve gone through hundreds of different workout plans and routines through various articles and information online. Often times, people get scared away when they hear the term ‘Bodybuilding’ because of the connotations it represents. You think of some really tan man or woman that eats like a twig or can bench 500 lbs on steroids with no ability to do anything functional except for walk across a stage. However, just like with marathon running, there’s a lot you can learn from the network of bodybuilders because they live, breath and eat working out. They’re constantly working on pushing their physical limits and are often times some of the top physical trainers and athletes in the world. Bodybuilding, in my mind at least, means exactly that; you’re building yourself the body you ultimately want to have. Since 2000, I’ve been going to and leveraging them for their wealth of information about supplements and workouts. Even for a high school freshman pipsqueak like me I was able to start learning about various lifts, workout routines, proper diet and supplementation and could really dig in and get a comprehensive search for products. I’ll show you how I use to workout and eat smart.


Send A Plate Full Of Happiness With Plated

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to talk about a company I used in honor of my girlfriend. While I don’t want get into the semantics of how we met, I’ll save that for a post down the road, it is important to know that she serves in the military and was away at training when we first starting using this service. Being a vegetarian, whose an athlete focused on weight lifting and long distance running, her dietary needs were not being met by the mess hall cuisine. As any concerned boyfriend would do, I started brainstorming how I could possibly help get her the nutrition she needed despite being on the complete other side of the country and no possibility of physically flying to help feed her. There’s a ton of different services out on the market today for ready-made or ingredients-to-make meals, but there’s one in particular that won over my heart and my girlfriend’s smile and that’s a company called Plated.


PureFormulas Supplements Your Health

One of the greatest area’s of focus I made when I transitioned over to the Paleo diet was to refocus my nutrient intake. My parents taught me very early on about the benefits of taking vitamins and minerals to help supplement your diet. My first encounter with this was in High School when I ran Cross Country and Track and discovered that I was always tired no matter how much rest or food I ate. After consulting with my coach, we determined that because my Mother was a vegetarian, and only ate meat one or two times a week, I may not be getting the necessary iron intake. After about a week of being on an iron pill my exhaustion had completely disappeared, it was like magic! When I started the Paleo diet I had my current supplements examined and adjusted based on my needs. The health and supplement industry is one of the largest and there’s certainly a lot of options. I’ve used several, but the large majority of my purchases come from PureFormulas. Today, I’ll explain why PureFormulas is my goto for my supplementation needs.