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Do Looks For Spring With Glasses Interest You?

From season to season, different trends and styles are always introduced. Spring always seems to bring much more vibrant colors and styles with a refreshing sort of appeal. I certainly have my fair share of different colors, types and styles of clothes that’s more fitting for spring than winter. The question is, does having spring specific accessories interest you or are you partial to other more prominent pieces of your outfit? Today I want to exclusively examine the glasses world and see if the Spring Collection from Warby Parker encourages excitement or just causes you to glass over.

The Upscale Resale Option: Moxie Jean

Every once and a while I hear about a new brand or company that doesn’t have an impact on me because of my current lifestyle. In the past, I’ve ignored their marketing, but as I’ve started this mission to help others look smart, eat smart and spend smart, I’ve started to branch out and try to put myself in my readers shoes to determine if it would be beneficial to them. I recently came across this company that I’m still not certain if my mother would have used when I was growing up, but am certain there’s a market for with other parents. The whole market of baby and kids clothes can be challenging since they can grow so quickly. If you have any desire to get high end clothing it’s a recipe for disaster because they’re going to out grow it without much use. That’s where a company like Moxie Jean comes in that provides an ‘upscale resale’ environment for kids and maternity clothes on some of your favorite brands. So if you want your kid, or know of someone’s kid, that you want to look smart then you’re going to want to read more.


Walking Your Way To Health With Fitbit

It’s amazing what a little bit of competition and technology can do for your motivation. Almost a year ago, my work instituted a new health initiative to try and get people up from their desks, more active and more motivated to take control of their health. While they had some pretty incredible prizes the first few quarters that the program was put into place, the habits certainly were changing across the company. Oddly enough, my Mother and Father also decided to take up a new walking initiative too. Ironically enough, we both got the same products and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my father so motivated to hit his daily step count. The simple movement that Fitbit has created has not only changed the health habits of nearly my entire company, but been the driving force to my Father walking over 10 miles, and 30k steps, nearly every day.


A New Trend For Accessorizing Your Shoes With Hickies

There’s a number of different ways that you can improve your ability to look smart, but seldom are they innovative too. Today we’re going to look at another company that’s also an accessory that you can use to to add some extra flair and tries to make the task of tying your shoes a thing of the past. These laces would be specifically for your athletic or casual shoes, but there are definitely various dress shoe lace companies on the internet if you’re looking for that specific type of product. However, if you’re looking for a different lacing system that can add some pizzaz to your workout shoes then Hickies is definitely worth a look.

The Classic Converse Alternative: PF Flyers

For me, there’s never be a debate over what a classic style sneaker should look like despite the differing opinions you may receive if you pose that question. A classic styled sneaker is not likely going to have much comfort or support, classic shoes didn’t have air bubbles or pockets after all, but these sneakers weren’t designed for hiking, instead they were made for making a style statement. It’s about coordinating your overall outfit while being as functional as possible. Over the years, I’ve been seeing more and more weddings that even leverage the classic style sneaker as their footwear of choice. I don’t necessarily understand, or agree, with the style statement, but I do agree that you can’t always roll around with dress shoes on your feet. I’ve owned several different brands and styles over the years, but there’s one in particular that embodies the classic sneaker look more than any other brand in my opinion. Maybe it’s just the region I’ve grown up in, but in the debate between Converse or PF Flyers I choose to go with what I perceive to be the alternative: PF Flyers.