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Don’t Wait in Line at Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the largest electronic retailer’s in the entire country and provide in-store pickup on most items to help you save time purchasing your electronic devices. Unlike clothes, electronics are one of the best items to research and buy online. Unless you’re physically purchasing a phone, or want to test drive a computer or tablet, there’s no reason to ever physically wait on line to buy your electronic devices. If you have Amazon Prime, then you can get free 2-day shipping on all of your purchases including your new computer, tablet or television. What if you’re feeling impulsive and want to buy a big screen TV now or get a new tablet to bring on your vacation and you have to make the purchase today? You can still get your purchase today and not have to wade through the checkout lines waiting to make your purchase.


7 Million Home Goods To Choose From at Wayfair

Since 2002, Wayfair has been the internet’s destination for everything home with more than seven million products from 7,000 different vendors available. The variety is overwhelming, but their customer centric social discovery and planning tools allows you to plot out exactly what you’re looking for in every room in the house. One of my favorite things to do when figuring out the design and layout of my home interior is to create a modern picture book with Pinterest. When I bought my house, I was trying to decide what kind of home furnishings and style I wanted to have. As a result, I scoured the internet and hoped the products I found were ‘pinnable’ so that I could come back and reference the products at another time. If only I discovered the home goods eCommerce super store two years ago, I might have saved myself a ton of time and hassle scouring the internet for household goods. See how you can leverage the Wayfair way to navigate the world’s largest online selections of furniture, home furnishings, décor and goods.


The Gift Giving Champ Called 1800Flowers

Whenever I think of 1800flowers, I always associate them with a few particular holidays of annual occasions. Valentine’s Day, birthday’s, graduation, anniversary’s, ect. I’ve personally ordered through them a few times and have always been very happy with the quality and timeliness of the orders. However, the 1800flowers family is more than just a flower company it’s actually part of one of the largest giving giving families online. The Popcorn Factory, Fannie May, 1800baskets, Cheryl’s and Fruit are all under the same umbrella and you can shop at all six sites at the same time. I absolutely love utilizing shared shopping carts because it allows me to shop a variety of different brands and speeds up my checkout time without having to search for additional gift giving ideas. You’re definitely not going to find ideas how to save money or spend smart, but you are going to learn about ways to save time when trying to find a creative and unique gift for any occasion that’s sure to wow your recipient.


Get Your Perfect Bag with eBags

Sometimes it’s just nice to search and leverage a brand or company simply to see what’s out on the market. Which is exactly what I do with the site eBags, which helps me find the exact model, style and type of bag I need for traveling or just everyday life. It’s always challenging to find other companies to shop with when you can save time and money with Amazon. They quite literally have any and everything with amazing customer service and fantastic shipping times. However, I do like having specialty brands and companies to use and leverage like Republic Wireless for a $10/month phone plan, Dorco for $25/year for razors and Pureformulas for all of my supplement needs. Let’s take a look at what makes eBags a great option for doing product research for finding the perfect bag.


Familes Save with

For those looking for an alternative to Amazon, you find over 30,000+ household products, with a 365 day return policy and free 1-2 day shipping with every order over $49 at I’m always looking for different companies and stores to compare to the Costco experience. There’s so many different choices for getting your household products, but it can be challenging to offset the prices Costco offers. For me personally, my time is becoming more and more valuable, to the point that I’m willing to sacrifice some of my savings in exchange for more time out of my day. As a single male, I realize that my time isn’t nearly as valuable or important as a family. An extra 20-30 minutes can be the difference between getting a nap, me time or getting the house cleaned versus not getting any of that done because of your extended shopping adventure.