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Fueling Your Running Passion with Road Runner Sports

I’m a VIP, and use Road Runner Sports to supplement my running and athletic wear needs, because they have amazing customer service and the ability to buy running supplies anywhere in the United States. Since my Elementary school days, I’ve been involved with physical fitness and sports teams ranging from basketball to soccer. When I entered High School, I wasn’t physically gifted enough to make any of the sports teams, but I did discover my passion for running. I was never the fastest or the strongest runner, but there I simply enjoyed the daily grind of getting out on the road or a trail and going for a run. Over the years I’ve trained and run in various events, completed a Marathon, run in the Hood to Coast relay race and made the habit of running several times a week regardless of the weather in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve shopped at various local running stores and always enjoyed the camaraderie they tend to display with weekly running groups. However, the one thing that’s missing at the local running stores is the ability to get what you need if you’re out of town or simply can’t get to the store.


The Sophisticated Look in Your Pocket with Key Smart

Sometimes there’s a product or brand that comes around that for whatever reason they just connect with you personally. For whatever reason, from the outside they appear silly and are often a want not a need. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly drew me to the company called Key Smart, but I remember when I first came across their products I knew it was innovative and just a flat out good idea. I never put much thought into how my keys are organized or what my key chain looked like, but after seeing the video I’ve shared below I knew I wanted this Made in America product. It definitely made me look smart when I didn’t have to go wrestling through my pockets to find my keys. There’s just something about the design, and the simplicity of the product, that make you want to support the brand and use the product yourself.


Send A Plate Full Of Happiness With Plated

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to talk about a company I used in honor of my girlfriend. While I don’t want get into the semantics of how we met, I’ll save that for a post down the road, it is important to know that she serves in the military and was away at training when we first starting using this service. Being a vegetarian, whose an athlete focused on weight lifting and long distance running, her dietary needs were not being met by the mess hall cuisine. As any concerned boyfriend would do, I started brainstorming how I could possibly help get her the nutrition she needed despite being on the complete other side of the country and no possibility of physically flying to help feed her. There’s a ton of different services out on the market today for ready-made or ingredients-to-make meals, but there’s one in particular that won over my heart and my girlfriend’s smile and that’s a company called Plated.


Free Grocery Coupons With

Since I’ve started my journey to help people look smarteat smart and spend smart, I’ve been searching all across the inter-webs for a resource to help people save time and save money on groceries. While I haven’t been able to find a permanent solution, trust me I have a few things in the works, I have found something to at least help save money in the interim. I realize Costco is a great resource for helping you save money, but I’ve personally tried to find alternatives to buying 10 lbs of peanut butter and having to spend a hour to get it. In my opinion, the $5 I save making a bulk purchase doesn’t make up for the amount of time I have to spend traveling to the store and then through it to make my purchase. Which is why having a resource like allows me to save time by not traveling to Costco and save money with their free grocery coupons on a wide variety of products.


Bonobos: Upgrade Your Wardrobe

One of the first things I discovered and learned about when I wanted to dress better was about the concept of fit. I knew about the use of a tailor and if I ever made gobs of money I could afford to get all of my clothing custom made to fit my slightly awkward proportions. When I was younger, my Mother purchased all of my clothes for me and then when I transitioned to making my own clothing purchases I was simply looking for specific clothing pieces and determining my purchase behavior based on how the item looked and how cheap I could get them. It wasn’t until I discovered Antonio Centeno that I started to understand how important the fit of my clothing was on my overall appearance. I can remember the piles of clothing that my sister and I took to Goodwill when I made the vow never to ware a poorly fitted clothing item again. I didn’t want my wardrobe to tempt me, I wanted to feel good about every piece I wore every single day. My pants were one of the first things I needed to change. I’d always been an oversized Dockers supporter until I discovered Bonobos. Their mission: ‘To create men’s pants that look and feel great for a wide variety of men.’ Learn why Bonobos is the exclusive brand that I use to purchase all of my pants.