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Look Smart, Eat Smart, Spend Smart

PureFormulas Supplements Your Health

One of the greatest area’s of focus I made when I transitioned over to the Paleo diet was to refocus my nutrient intake. My parents taught me very early on about the benefits of taking vitamins and minerals to help supplement your diet. My first encounter with this was in High School when I ran Cross Country and Track and discovered that I was always tired no matter how much rest or food I ate. After consulting with my coach, we determined that because my Mother was a vegetarian, and only ate meat one or two times a week, I may not be getting the necessary iron intake. After about a week of being on an iron pill my exhaustion had completely disappeared, it was like magic! When I started the Paleo diet I had my current supplements examined and adjusted based on my needs. The health and supplement industry is one of the largest and there’s certainly a lot of options. I’ve used several, but the large majority of my purchases come from PureFormulas. Today, I’ll explain why PureFormulas is my goto for my supplementation needs.


Beachbody – P90X3 – Change Your Life

When I started on my path towards getting healthy and eating smart I had to change my diet and my exercise routine. Previously, I leveraged my own personal knowledge to fuel my workout habits from my cross country/track days in High School to the weight lifting routines I’ve discovered over the years online. I was always reluctant to get into the crossfit craze simply because my body wasn’t really built for olympic style lifts. Since then, I’ve started incorporating them more, but I’ve discovered that using your own body weight can be a great exercise resource. The company Beachbody, always appeared to be a fad for people that needed to lose weight and not for a scrawny 5’8” 145 lbs male looking to add muscle and get ripped. Roughly a year ago, a new work fitness initiative was started and the P90X3 program was purchased for a small dedicated group of coworkers and I to try. Since then, I haven’t looked back and can honestly say the P90X3 workout has become a life changer.


The Tie Bar: Accessorize For Only $15

One of the main ways I learned how to update my wardrobe during my journey to look smart, eat smart and spend smart was the utilization of accessories. There’s a few staple style tips that I learned from this free ebook, but once I had my staple items secured and fitting properly I knew it was time to start accessorizing. The accessories you use in conjunction with your outfit is ultimately what shows off your personality and your personal style. However, if you’re ever taken a stroll through Macy’s tie and pocket square section you know the prices and deals are a complete crap shoot. What if I introduced you to a company that sells ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cuff links, scarves and more for only $15 each? Instead of paying large retailer prices you can get the same looks used in GQ magazine for a fraction of the cost. Learn how to leverage one of my all-time favorite companies, The Tie Bar, to look smart and spend smart.


Save 50-90% Off Local With Groupon

Amazon was one of the first pioneers to create the daily deal frenzy that online shoppers routinely leverage during the holiday shopping season. However, these deals are primarily for specific products. What if you wanted to treat your girlfriend or wife to a great dinner on the town? Perhaps gift your mother a spa treatment or a therapeutic massage? Maybe you just want to get out in your local area, but don’t want to pay an arm and leg to do it? The publicly traded company, Groupon, is one of my favorite resources to save money and learn about new restaurants and businesses in my local community. I’ll show you how I leverage Groupon to spend smart and get the best of what my city, or any city I visit, has to offer.

DiscountMags: 70-95% Off The Newsstand

I’ve always been an avid reader, often times leveraging my local library or Amazon for the Newest Releases in Business and Investing. However, when it comes to magazines, I typically avoided them like the black plague because they simply because of how much subscriptions cost. That is until I came across the site I was able to get an amazing deal of four major magazine subscriptions, for a three to four year period, for only $50 (that’s roughly $3/yr per magazine). Through a partnership, I’ve been able to get special promotions and magazine subscription deals for my readers only. With more than 1,500 different titles, a low-price guarantee and no sneaky automatic renewals, I’ll show you how I leverage DiscountMags to spend smart and increase my knowledge at the same time!