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Contact Lenses for Less at Vision Direct

Vision Direct, which is powered by (a Walgreens affiliate), is determined to be the best online contact retailer. Their guarantee is such that you can feel confident you’re getting the best deal online with free shipping on all orders. There’s numerous other reasons why Vision Direct is worth comparing for your contact lens needs. Have you ever noticed that your healthcare provider gouges you on the cost for your contact lenses simply because they know you get an annual or bi-annual vision allotment? I’ve been wearing contact lenses since Sophomore year of High School and just like most people I have always ordered my contact lenses through my healthcare provider. I never thought to look outside of their offers simply because I knew I had a certain amount to use via my FSA or set vision allotment. It seems every time I go to purchase contact lenses I’m able to get less and less contacts for my allotment amount. Most recently, I was only able to get a 6 month supply through my healthcare provider and know it would be covered. That’s when I started looking outside of what my healthcare provider offered.