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Get In And Get Out At Footaction

At this point, you’re probably well aware of my love for in-store pickup and how often I try to save time from doing my physical shopping inside a store. You can read all about the various partners and companies I use to help me save time shopping. Today I’d like to feature a new company that I recently discovered has in-store pickup that could help make your shoe buying experience take less than a weekend afternoon or weekday evening. I can understand the reluctancy to purchase a pair of shoes online if they don’t have a great return policy with accompanying free return shipping. What if you could reserve those shoes with in-store pickup instead? Would you be more likely to purchase them through an online retailer? That’s exactly what Footaction offers with their in-store pickup that we’ll be discussing today.


More Project Time, Less Shopping Time: Home Depot

Ever since I bought my own house, I’ve found I spend a lot more time in the home improvement stores than I previously did. Growing up, I was never the most hands on person around the house. In fact, I probably caused more messes and wrecks than I ever learned how to put them back together. For me, there’s something about owning something yourself that makes you take ownership of your things. Since I’ve had my house I’ve learned all about gardening, changing light fixtures, HVAC systems, toilets, plumbing and the art of painting. For whatever reason, I was much more willing to help out, and learn, in the kitchen then I ever was with every day home repair. When I started making two and three trips a day to the home improvement store I knew I needed a way to cut down on my trips and time searching the store. Fortunately for me, when I discovered that Home Depot did in-store pickup, I instantly started thinking of the store as a resource, not a pain in my neck. Learn how you can save time on your trips on all your home improvement needs too.