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Suits with Stretch & Recovery Technology: The Jetsetter

As someone who enjoys dressing up for work on a daily basis, it can be challenging to find a basic ‘starter set’ of clothing. Personally, as I described in the introduction post for this blog, I spent an incredible amount of time researching and planning exactly what I wanted and how to build my wardrobe. I understand, most people don’t want to take the necessary time to do all of the research, they just want clothes that fit right and make them look smart. While my experience with Bonobos is limited to their pants, they are a great company to utilize for building your basic start set of pieces for your wardrobe. Today, we’re going to examine what Bonobos is calling their ‘ideal first suit’ for those just getting their wardrobe and fashion started called The Jetsetter.

Up Your Sock Game with Happy Socks

Recently, we’ve been examining various companies that can help you increase your style through the use of accessories. So far we’ve examined the Tie Bar and Warby Parker as ways to add a little extra flair into your day. One very obvious accessory that we’ve yet to examine, that can make a big statement no matter who you are, are your socks. Before I ever ventured beyond Sears or Fred Meyer for socks, I always thought there were just white or black athletic, black or blue dress or, if you really wanted to get crazy, some kind of argyle styled socks. There’s several different companies on the market that cater specifically to socks, but one of the more creative company’s that I’ve come across has been focusing on socks for over seven years. Until you’ve visited Happy Socks, you’ll never realize what combinations of colors or patterns are actually possible. If you’re ready to go from basic to extreme then it’s time to take a crash course run with this sock company.


Custom Shoes in 2 Days with New Balance

The world of custom and handmade products has become more and more popular. We recently wrote about Etsy and their market for bringing new handmade and vintage products right to your fingertips. However, these sellers tend to be small shop or single person stores that either make their products as a hobby or simply don’t have the resources to do something more mainstream. I’m all for supporting entrepreneurs and the projects, but it’s interesting to see how large retailers react to these trends. Case and point is New Balance, my current favorite running shoe company, who has taken the leap into the custom shoe industry.


Do Looks For Spring With Glasses Interest You?

From season to season, different trends and styles are always introduced. Spring always seems to bring much more vibrant colors and styles with a refreshing sort of appeal. I certainly have my fair share of different colors, types and styles of clothes that’s more fitting for spring than winter. The question is, does having spring specific accessories interest you or are you partial to other more prominent pieces of your outfit? Today I want to exclusively examine the glasses world and see if the Spring Collection from Warby Parker encourages excitement or just causes you to glass over.

The Upscale Resale Option: Moxie Jean

Every once and a while I hear about a new brand or company that doesn’t have an impact on me because of my current lifestyle. In the past, I’ve ignored their marketing, but as I’ve started this mission to help others look smart, eat smart and spend smart, I’ve started to branch out and try to put myself in my readers shoes to determine if it would be beneficial to them. I recently came across this company that I’m still not certain if my mother would have used when I was growing up, but am certain there’s a market for with other parents. The whole market of baby and kids clothes can be challenging since they can grow so quickly. If you have any desire to get high end clothing it’s a recipe for disaster because they’re going to out grow it without much use. That’s where a company like Moxie Jean comes in that provides an ‘upscale resale’ environment for kids and maternity clothes on some of your favorite brands. So if you want your kid, or know of someone’s kid, that you want to look smart then you’re going to want to read more.