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I’ve gone through hundreds of different workout plans and routines through various articles and information online. Often times, people get scared away when they hear the term ‘Bodybuilding’ because of the connotations it represents. You think of some really tan man or woman that eats like a twig or can bench 500 lbs on steroids with no ability to do anything functional except for walk across a stage. However, just like with marathon running, there’s a lot you can learn from the network of bodybuilders because they live, breath and eat working out. They’re constantly working on pushing their physical limits and are often times some of the top physical trainers and athletes in the world. Bodybuilding, in my mind at least, means exactly that; you’re building yourself the body you ultimately want to have. Since 2000, I’ve been going to and leveraging them for their wealth of information about supplements and workouts. Even for a high school freshman pipsqueak like me I was able to start learning about various lifts, workout routines, proper diet and supplementation and could really dig in and get a comprehensive search for products. I’ll show you how I use to workout and eat smart.


The Company That’s Changing Eyeware: Warby Parker

It’s possible to get designer quality glasses for only $95, never leave your home and help donate a free pair with Warby Parker. I’ve never really put my thought into what my glasses look like from a style perspective. I realize as someone that wants to look smart your glasses can speak to your style and personality. Personally, I choose to put a greater emphasis on my other accessories and leave the style of my glasses up to whatever is at my health care providers office. However, there’s a company that’s trying to change the eyewear industry for the consumers benefit. Cutting out the middle man and putting the control into the consumers hand without the need to go walk into the store. In fact, you can try on whatever pair you want in the comfort of your home for free and only keep what you like. Plus, they’re making an impact in the community donating a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchased pair.


The Sophisticated Look in Your Pocket with Key Smart

Sometimes there’s a product or brand that comes around that for whatever reason they just connect with you personally. For whatever reason, from the outside they appear silly and are often a want not a need. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly drew me to the company called Key Smart, but I remember when I first came across their products I knew it was innovative and just a flat out good idea. I never put much thought into how my keys are organized or what my key chain looked like, but after seeing the video I’ve shared below I knew I wanted this Made in America product. It definitely made me look smart when I didn’t have to go wrestling through my pockets to find my keys. There’s just something about the design, and the simplicity of the product, that make you want to support the brand and use the product yourself.


Bonobos: Upgrade Your Wardrobe

One of the first things I discovered and learned about when I wanted to dress better was about the concept of fit. I knew about the use of a tailor and if I ever made gobs of money I could afford to get all of my clothing custom made to fit my slightly awkward proportions. When I was younger, my Mother purchased all of my clothes for me and then when I transitioned to making my own clothing purchases I was simply looking for specific clothing pieces and determining my purchase behavior based on how the item looked and how cheap I could get them. It wasn’t until I discovered Antonio Centeno that I started to understand how important the fit of my clothing was on my overall appearance. I can remember the piles of clothing that my sister and I took to Goodwill when I made the vow never to ware a poorly fitted clothing item again. I didn’t want my wardrobe to tempt me, I wanted to feel good about every piece I wore every single day. My pants were one of the first things I needed to change. I’d always been an oversized Dockers supporter until I discovered Bonobos. Their mission: ‘To create men’s pants that look and feel great for a wide variety of men.’ Learn why Bonobos is the exclusive brand that I use to purchase all of my pants.


The Tie Bar: Accessorize For Only $15

One of the main ways I learned how to update my wardrobe during my journey to look smart, eat smart and spend smart was the utilization of accessories. There’s a few staple style tips that I learned from this free ebook, but once I had my staple items secured and fitting properly I knew it was time to start accessorizing. The accessories you use in conjunction with your outfit is ultimately what shows off your personality and your personal style. However, if you’re ever taken a stroll through Macy’s tie and pocket square section you know the prices and deals are a complete crap shoot. What if I introduced you to a company that sells ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cuff links, scarves and more for only $15 each? Instead of paying large retailer prices you can get the same looks used in GQ magazine for a fraction of the cost. Learn how to leverage one of my all-time favorite companies, The Tie Bar, to look smart and spend smart.