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PureFormulas Supplements Your Health

One of the greatest area’s of focus I made when I transitioned over to the Paleo diet was to refocus my nutrient intake. My parents taught me very early on about the benefits of taking vitamins and minerals to help supplement your diet. My first encounter with this was in High School when I ran Cross Country and Track and discovered that I was always tired no matter how much rest or food I ate. After consulting with my coach, we determined that because my Mother was a vegetarian, and only ate meat one or two times a week, I may not be getting the necessary iron intake. After about a week of being on an iron pill my exhaustion had completely disappeared, it was like magic! When I started the Paleo diet I had my current supplements examined and adjusted based on my needs. The health and supplement industry is one of the largest and there’s certainly a lot of options. I’ve used several, but the large majority of my purchases come from PureFormulas. Today, I’ll explain why PureFormulas is my goto for my supplementation needs.