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Republic Wireless: Spend $10/Mo For A Cell Phone Plan

Since 2004, I was a loyal and faithful T-Mobile customer. I started out on the pre-paid plan, simply to have a cell phone in case someone wanted to contact me and didn’t want to call and get my mother. Eventually I transitioned to a family plan and was a loyal Blackberry customer, but I realized, even though my bill was significantly cheaper than my friends, that even $50 per month was too much money for a cell phone plan. In January of 2014, I started doing some research to figure out if there was a company outside of the large-carrier companies like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. My research eventually led me to the company Republic Wireless and over the course of the past year, I’ve completely changed the way I look at paying for and using a cell phone. In this post, I’ll show you how to start saving you as much as $100 per month off your cell phone bill.