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Fueling Your Running Passion with Road Runner Sports

I’m a VIP, and use Road Runner Sports to supplement my running and athletic wear needs, because they have amazing customer service and the ability to buy running supplies anywhere in the United States. Since my Elementary school days, I’ve been involved with physical fitness and sports teams ranging from basketball to soccer. When I entered High School, I wasn’t physically gifted enough to make any of the sports teams, but I did discover my passion for running. I was never the fastest or the strongest runner, but there I simply enjoyed the daily grind of getting out on the road or a trail and going for a run. Over the years I’ve trained and run in various events, completed a Marathon, run in the Hood to Coast relay race and made the habit of running several times a week regardless of the weather in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve shopped at various local running stores and always enjoyed the camaraderie they tend to display with weekly running groups. However, the one thing that’s missing at the local running stores is the ability to get what you need if you’re out of town or simply can’t get to the store.