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Republic Wireless: Spend $10/Mo For A Cell Phone Plan

Since 2004, I was a loyal and faithful T-Mobile customer. I started out on the pre-paid plan, simply to have a cell phone in case someone wanted to contact me and didn’t want to call and get my mother. Eventually I transitioned to a family plan and was a loyal Blackberry customer, but I realized, even though my bill was significantly cheaper than my friends, that even $50 per month was too much money for a cell phone plan. In January of 2014, I started doing some research to figure out if there was a company outside of the large-carrier companies like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. My research eventually led me to the company Republic Wireless and over the course of the past year, I’ve completely changed the way I look at paying for and using a cell phone. In this post, I’ll show you how to start saving you as much as $100 per month off your cell phone bill.


Look Smart, Eat Smart, Spend Smart

I’ve always had a passion for helping other people. Whether it’s through community service efforts or simply helping friends and family, my personal mission in life is to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Through my own personal development and discovery, I’ve taken a path that’s helped create the man I am today. I’m excited to announce and start what I believe will become an exciting side project for me and a resource to assist other’s Look smart, Eat Smart and Spend Smart.The birth of Mr. Message Man is my own personal outlet to help spread the word, or in this case message, about brands and products I’m personally passionate about that will help you save time and money. I’ve waded through thousands of articles over the years on style, diet and fitness, personal finances and how to be an informed consumer. Through my own personal trials and tribulations I’ve built my theories and techniques to look good, eat smart and spend smart. I’ll explain in as concise a manner as possible below how I plan to be a resource for you on each of these topics.