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New Product to ‘Cut The Cord’ with Mohu Channels

Back in February, I made the choice to cut my TV service and save the money I was for other things. Mohu was discussed about a month ago as a potential solution to get local HD channels. If you’re tired of paying for cable or satellite TV Mohu can be a great option to still get great programming without paying monthly subscription costs. About a week ago, USA Today wrote an article recently detailing their latest product release of the new Mohu Channels. We’ll analyze what this new product does and even provide a special coupon code to get $50 off your purchase.


Everyday Essentials at Wholesale Prices with Boxed

There’s a site that aligns with exactly what this site promotes helping you look smarteat smart and spend smart with an emphasis on helping you save time. It’s hard to overlook Costco and their wholesale pricing, but as one site reminds you there’s a million reasons to shop elsewhere. In order to switch from your local warehouse club, you have to be getting the same great prices, but accomplish this in less time, using less resources and cause yourself less stress. The average trip to the local warehouse club takes over 180 minutes on top of the fact you have to have a membership in order to save money. I’m very pleased to introduce the site Boxed and share with you why you can eliminate your Costco membership by using them.

Deceptive Ticketing Practices Discovered

I recently starting researching some sports event tickets for an upcoming trip to New York. I didn’t like the prices I found on the physical team websites so I decided to try the 3rd party market. The fees for major sporting event tickets are becoming more and more ridiculous especially with the overall cost of the tickets going up. When I started browsing two major event ticket sites I was alarmed at the ticketing practices that I found. Today’s post focuses on the deceptive marketing language being used by two individual event ticket providers and what kind of fees you can anticipate paying by using a 3rd party site.


Special 25% Off Dorco Discount

Every once in a while we receive special discounts from companies as a result of having them as a partner. We’ve been notified that this special discount will be going out to the public in a few days, but as a way to help pass on a  thank you we have an exclusive discount to get your 25% off at Dorco. This deal will expire on March 21st 2015 so if you’ve been on the fence about trying Dorco, now is a great time to try them out.


OXO: Kitchen Ease With An Affordable Price Tag

When I became a new homeowner, one of the most important areas of the house to furnish was the kitchen. I had a dishwasher, electric stove, microwave and refrigerator that was left for me, but I knew the magic wasn’t in the appliances I had, but rather the ingredients and my ability to transform them. Admittedly, at the time I went to Costco and Bed, Bath and Beyond for all of my cookware, dishes, silverware and utensils. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered the convenience of shopping with Wayfair and realized that I very easily could have found everything I wanted, probably cheaper, and with free shipping. There’s a number of different high quality diverse brands like CalphalonKitchenAid, MastradPaderno World Cuisine and Wusthof that each have their specialties and place in the kitchen depending upon the quality and types of tools you want. While I have a wide array of brands, the majority of my products come from a brand whose goal is to make your life easier and more efficient in the kitchen. OXO has that perfect balance of quality and affordability with all of their products.