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Wide Product Variety with

Walgreens is one of the leading pharmacies in the US, but the volume of online sales is significantly lower, which is why they leverage the site Many of the same products you find in your local Walgreens you can find online through Many times when searching for specific products is nice to have a handful of different stores to examine to ensure you get the best deal. Families can save with or you can just use Amazon to save 90% off, but sometimes leveraging a major brand’s affiliate company can be a good option too. What’s interesting, is many times major brands will have a ‘sister’ brand that acts as a portal for the same type of business. The marketing or branding tends to skew different than the main brand, but the products, and typically prices, tend to all be the same. Learn why leveraging the online shopping portal of, and their massive product inventory, can help you save money.


Contact Lenses for Less at Vision Direct

Vision Direct, which is powered by (a Walgreens affiliate), is determined to be the best online contact retailer. Their guarantee is such that you can feel confident you’re getting the best deal online with free shipping on all orders. There’s numerous other reasons why Vision Direct is worth comparing for your contact lens needs. Have you ever noticed that your healthcare provider gouges you on the cost for your contact lenses simply because they know you get an annual or bi-annual vision allotment? I’ve been wearing contact lenses since Sophomore year of High School and just like most people I have always ordered my contact lenses through my healthcare provider. I never thought to look outside of their offers simply because I knew I had a certain amount to use via my FSA or set vision allotment. It seems every time I go to purchase contact lenses I’m able to get less and less contacts for my allotment amount. Most recently, I was only able to get a 6 month supply through my healthcare provider and know it would be covered. That’s when I started looking outside of what my healthcare provider offered.

Familes Save with

For those looking for an alternative to Amazon, you find over 30,000+ household products, with a 365 day return policy and free 1-2 day shipping with every order over $49 at I’m always looking for different companies and stores to compare to the Costco experience. There’s so many different choices for getting your household products, but it can be challenging to offset the prices Costco offers. For me personally, my time is becoming more and more valuable, to the point that I’m willing to sacrifice some of my savings in exchange for more time out of my day. As a single male, I realize that my time isn’t nearly as valuable or important as a family. An extra 20-30 minutes can be the difference between getting a nap, me time or getting the house cleaned versus not getting any of that done because of your extended shopping adventure.


The Company That’s Changing Eyeware: Warby Parker

It’s possible to get designer quality glasses for only $95, never leave your home and help donate a free pair with Warby Parker. I’ve never really put my thought into what my glasses look like from a style perspective. I realize as someone that wants to look smart your glasses can speak to your style and personality. Personally, I choose to put a greater emphasis on my other accessories and leave the style of my glasses up to whatever is at my health care providers office. However, there’s a company that’s trying to change the eyewear industry for the consumers benefit. Cutting out the middle man and putting the control into the consumers hand without the need to go walk into the store. In fact, you can try on whatever pair you want in the comfort of your home for free and only keep what you like. Plus, they’re making an impact in the community donating a pair of glasses to someone in need for every purchased pair.


Cut The TV Cord with Mohu

When I started looking into alternative solutions I realized I didn’t have to give up on TV service. The best way to save money on TV, while still getting most major sporting events in HD, is using a little product called Mohu. When I finally bought my own house, one of the biggest priorities I had was ensuring I had a big screen TV to watch sports and movies.  I was going to revel in my living room space and watch any and every sporting event in my own place. Then reality set in, and I realized that I had so many different activities going on that I quite literally was never home to watch my TV. I was a DirecTV customer with as many ESPN channels I could get, but realized at $50/month, only as a result of several discounts, I was overpaying for the amount of time I was using my TV. The numbers just didn’t make sense, for the number of times per year I used my TV, the $600 per year could be used for several other things (mainly my addiction for eating healthy).