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Cut The TV Cord with Mohu

When I started looking into alternative solutions I realized I didn’t have to give up on TV service. The best way to save money on TV, while still getting most major sporting events in HD, is using a little product called Mohu. When I finally bought my own house, one of the biggest priorities I had was ensuring I had a big screen TV to watch sports and movies.  I was going to revel in my living room space and watch any and every sporting event in my own place. Then reality set in, and I realized that I had so many different activities going on that I quite literally was never home to watch my TV. I was a DirecTV customer with as many ESPN channels I could get, but realized at $50/month, only as a result of several discounts, I was overpaying for the amount of time I was using my TV. The numbers just didn’t make sense, for the number of times per year I used my TV, the $600 per year could be used for several other things (mainly my addiction for eating healthy).