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Add Living Space Personality With

Not everyone wants to take the time, or has the creativity, to create their own personal wall art. I’ve always believed that the artwork, colors and rooms in which you decorate make statements about you as a person. It’s as if you can take a glimpse into someone’s life just by walking into their house, seeing what’s up on their walls and what they’re willing to showcase. Before, when I lived with my parents, it was easy to decorate my room because it just all flowed into one melting pot. When I bought my house however, now it seemed each room represented something different and yet I wanted them to flow from one to the other regardless of the time of year. I realize this might be more time or thought than what someone else might put into how their house is decorated, but the point is it doesn’t matter. Regardless of if you’re looking for the perfect painting, or just want something to cover the wall, is a great resource to peruse on a weekend or leverage for future decorating ideas.