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I’ve gone through hundreds of different workout plans and routines through various articles and information online. Often times, people get scared away when they hear the term ‘Bodybuilding’ because of the connotations it represents. You think of some really tan man or woman that eats like a twig or can bench 500 lbs on steroids with no ability to do anything functional except for walk across a stage. However, just like with marathon running, there’s a lot you can learn from the network of bodybuilders because they live, breath and eat working out. They’re constantly working on pushing their physical limits and are often times some of the top physical trainers and athletes in the world. Bodybuilding, in my mind at least, means exactly that; you’re building yourself the body you ultimately want to have. Since 2000, I’ve been going to and leveraging them for their wealth of information about supplements and workouts. Even for a high school freshman pipsqueak like me I was able to start learning about various lifts, workout routines, proper diet and supplementation and could really dig in and get a comprehensive search for products. I’ll show you how I use to workout and eat smart.


Beachbody – P90X3 – Change Your Life

When I started on my path towards getting healthy and eating smart I had to change my diet and my exercise routine. Previously, I leveraged my own personal knowledge to fuel my workout habits from my cross country/track days in High School to the weight lifting routines I’ve discovered over the years online. I was always reluctant to get into the crossfit craze simply because my body wasn’t really built for olympic style lifts. Since then, I’ve started incorporating them more, but I’ve discovered that using your own body weight can be a great exercise resource. The company Beachbody, always appeared to be a fad for people that needed to lose weight and not for a scrawny 5’8” 145 lbs male looking to add muscle and get ripped. Roughly a year ago, a new work fitness initiative was started and the P90X3 program was purchased for a small dedicated group of coworkers and I to try. Since then, I haven’t looked back and can honestly say the P90X3 workout has become a life changer.