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I’ve always had a passion for helping other people. Whether it’s through community service efforts or simply helping friends and family, my personal mission in life is to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Through my own personal development and discovery, I’ve taken a path that’s helped create the man I am today. I’m excited to announce and start what I believe will become an exciting side project for me and a resource to assist other’s Look smart, Eat Smart and Spend Smart.The birth of Mr. Message Man is my own personal outlet to help spread the word, or in this case message, about brands and products I’m personally passionate about that will help you save time and money. I’ve waded through thousands of articles over the years on style, diet and fitness, personal finances and how to be an informed consumer. Through my own personal trials and tribulations I’ve built my theories and techniques to look good, eat smart and spend smart. I’ll explain in as concise a manner as possible below how I plan to be a resource for you on each of these topics.

Look Smart

After college, I transitioned from student, to the workforce and then to a more professional environment. I wanted to be taken seriously, despite having a boyish look thanks to genetics and my Mother’s advice to exfoliate and moisturize. Despite still living at home with my parents, to save as much money during college and immediately after, I wanted to take my style and look to the next level without sacrificing a sustainable income and the goal of buying my own place. I stumbled across sites like Real Men Style, Effortless Gent and Dappered. Over the course of over a thousand blog posts, several purchased PDF’s and a few months of daily reading, I felt ready to start purchasing products on my own and establish my new look.


Style is about your own unique personal taste and discovering what you’re most comfortable and confident portraying. While I certainly don’t mind wearing t-shirts, jeans, hoodies or other casual items, I’ve found that I tend to be most comfortable with a blazer, dress shirt, dress shoes and a pair of slacks. I don’t expect this style to connect with very many people, but through my own personal discoveries I’ve learned about color, fabric, fit and and proportions which you can leverage for any clothing style or item type. Many of the brands and products I use are constructed and catered to people like me: a short, athletically built male, whose price and quality conscious. Yet, many of the brands I personally choose have other lines and styles of clothing that work for a wide array of people. I’m all about durability, practicality, quality and usability. You can be certain that any of the brands or clothing products I endorse meet all of these specifications.

Eat Smart

Two years ago a simple blood test changed the course of my life and how I would look at my diet and exercise routine. My father is a Type-2 Diabetic, and even though genetics wasn’t on my side, I’ve always had a low adrenal tolerance (sensitivity to sugar), I always believed that the dietary habits my mother instilled in me growing up was going to prevent me from ever encountering Diabetes. So when I received the results, after several blood exams, that my blood sugar was at a level of pre-diabetes I was overtaken by an abundance of emotions. After a trip to Las Vegas, and significant consumption of everything you should only have in moderation, I returned with a clear conscious and clear objective: I was going to do any and everything possible to reduce my risks of contracting Diabetes. March 17th, 2013 was the last day I had a drink, I converted myself to the Paleo Diet and while I increased my workout routine, things really started to take off when I started P90X3 in March of 2014. I really started to dive into an abundance of information on the internet leveraging sites like Balanced Bites to get my dietary habits in alignment.


Through this whole process, I’ve had a focus on ensuring I eat as clean as possible and take the proper supplementation to balance out anything I may be missing with my diet. Being healthy isn’t necessarily about being on a diet or taking ‘x’ pill to make you better; each and every person reacts differently. At times, it can be information overload, but typically the best diet and exercise habits are ones that you can maintain, increase your energy and help you achieve your overall health and fitness goals. As a young athletic male, who’s focus is on muscle building, I’m going to have a completely different diet and exercise routine than someone who’s simply trying to fit in healthy eating habits and exercise on a busy schedule. I’m looking for products and brands that are adaptable, convenient, cost effective and goal centric. The brands and products I endorse will be tailored to specific goals to ensure they align with your needs.

Spend Smart

Most of my friends in High School went away for college, but I decided to take the road less traveled and stay in-state while living at home. I had the goal of purchasing my own house as soon as I could after graduating college, but I knew I would have to get my finances in order. Ever since I was in High School, my parents taught me to be fiscally responsible and to not fear credit, but leverage it for your own benefit. I implemented simple principles such as live on less than you make, prioritize purchases based on ‘needs’ not ‘wants’ and always do you research before making a purchase. Some would call my price and product research borderline obsessive, but I’ve always had larger overarching financial goals that were my focus. On Valentine’s Day 2013, as a result of graduating college with no debt and the support of my parents allowing me to live at home as long as necessary, I officially accomplished one of my lifelong goals of buying my own home with 20% down and all new furniture. I literally went from the room I grew up in to the room I bought in my house.


My goal of buying a house was only accomplished as a result of making specific savings and spending sacrifices that assisted me in achieving my goal. Despite the sacrifices I made, I didn’t have to sacrifice my overall quality of life or the quality in items that I purchased. Budgeting is a huge aspect to being fiscally responsible and I did this by researching specific brands, products, sales and rewards programs that have allowed me to reduce the prices I paid not the overall product quality I received. I’m always scouring the internet for the latest and greatest and then try to determine if there’s any comparable alternatives for the specific products I’m interested in. My philosophies have been shaped by many of the thoughts and views of Mr. Money Mustache, but I’m not necessarily thinking about how every purchase is getting me closer to retirement at the age of 40 or younger. I know I’ll always have goals and always be busy, I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get the products I ultimately need or want.

What’s To Come

I was taught very early on in my career that you need to set proper expectations, deliver on those expectations and then report on the results. I’ve run my own blog/site before and I struggled significantly with generating consistent content to engage my visitors on a daily basis. To be completely honest, I believe my demise simply came down to that my passion wasn’t in social media marketing and analyzing other brands initiatives. I’ve come to the conclusion that my personal mission statement is, “To help as many other people meet and achieve their goals and dreams.” Modern technology is both a blessing and a curse that brings us as close to real time information as possible, yet is an enabler in becoming distracted and losing focus. My ultimate goal in the creation of this site is to help my friends, family and as many other visitors as possible save time and/or money. Initially, I’m going to start by talking about brands and products that help me personally look smart, eat smart and spend smart, but I want to extend my reach to brands and products that you the reader are most interested in. I want you to be able to leverage my research skills to help you find the best deals at the best price possible.

So what’s the catch? There is none. All of the product links or product images will be affiliate links which will allow me to receive a commission off of the purchase you make. By clicking on the link on my website, and then making a purchase, you’re in essence saying ‘thank you’ for the time and effort I’m making to help you save time and money. Any concerns about the information that may, or may not, be gathered as a result of clicking on these links is completely spelled out in the privacy policy. I currently have a very concentrated and personally picked list of partners that I work with, but you can refer back to this page regularly to see who else made my list of companies that will help you look smart, eat smart and spend smart. This site, and the partners I endorse, will help you take out the guess work out of where you should shop and why you should shop there. Any suggestions on specific topics, brands or products you’d like me to research, please feel free to contact me through the contact page or please leave a comment below.

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