Dorco: How I Spend $25/Year For Razors

Working as a Marketing Analyst by day, and a graduate with a B.S. in Marketing & Advertising Management, I love seeing the creative ways companies connect and market to their customers. Dollar Shave Club has literally changed the way we shop for razors, from a drive to drug store to receiving our razors on a monthly subscription basis. In their words, not mine, their blades are F***ing great and they’re not afraid to have a discussion about number two. I will admit, their razors are cheap, high quality and extremely convenient, but I’m strongly opposed to monthly subscriptions; I want to be in control! With a little bit of research I was able to discover that the company Dorco is actually the razor manufacturer that provides the razors that Dollar Shave Club sells. Which means, Buying from the Supplier = Deeper Discounts! In this post, I’m going to break down how you can get the same razors as Dollar Shave club, but with more control over your shipments and a cheaper price so you can look good AND spend smart.

In an interview conducted by Ben Popken, and published on Market Watch, President of Dorco USA Ken Hill confirmed that their firm sells Dollar Shave Club the four-blade and six-blade model, but not the two-blade model. When CEO Michael Duffin was asked about the subject he would neither confirm nor deny the partnership and stated the convenience of receiving your razors at your door once a month automatically is what differentiated him between Dorco. It’s possible to save somewhere between 35-75% off your razors if you use Dorco. I’ll show you how their prices compare to the leading brands and then show you what I use.

Dorco Price Comparison

For those that are not adverse, or currently use, cartridge required or disposable razors you can save a pretty significant amount of money off both the physical razor and even more off of the cartridge refills than the leading brands. I’ve personally never used a safety razor before, but if that’s what you use they offer both single and double edge blades too. Below you’ll find a comparison between both men and women five-blade and three-blade razors.

Dorco Comparison

Combo packs and bundle packs are a great way to try several of their products and see which products work best for you. They typically have a frugal guy deal of the month that is supposed to last you around a year for roughly $35 total! Let me show you what I purchased which has lasted me almost two-years for a little over $25.

Mr. Message Man’s Dorco Setup

I will preface my breakdown with saying I do not shave on a daily basis. I tend to shave more regularly, every two to three days, during the winter and then have periods of time when I grow out a beard during the summer. I also tend to use my blades beyond the seven to fourteen shaves which extends the lifetime of the razors. Obviously you’d have to do the math for your situation and could expect higher overall costs, or cost per shave, that what my totals would be.

I personally purchased the Four-Blade System for Men & Cartridge Combo Pack along with the four-pack of the Four-Blade System for Men Cartridges. When you break everything down it comes to a Four-Blade Shaving System and six (6) Four-Blade System Cartridge Packs which is a total of 29 cartridges for $26.18 (I had a coupon for free shipping). That means if I was only able to get the seven to fourteen shaves per blade out of my system, and I shaved every day, this purchase would last me between 6.5 months and 1 year and 1 month. This makes your cost per shave between $0.06 and $0.12! With savings like that, using Dorco is definitely a great way to look  smart AND spend smart.

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  1. You can spend even less by drying your blades. I’ve have gone almost 1 year with the same blade using this technique.

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