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How Target Cuts Shopping Time In Half

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The single most influential business feature that I look for when deciding what company I should shop with is in-store pickup. Yesterday, I discussed how Amazon, and leveraging Amazon Prime, can make your shopping so convenient you might never leave your house again. The only downside to shopping with Amazon, aside from potentially finding a better deal, is you can’t receive your items on the same day as you purchase them. Even if you upgraded your shipping, from the free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, and got next day shipping, that still means you will have to wait until the end of the following day to receive your items. That’s not convenient or conducive if you just ran out of a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Yet, it’s also not convenient to park, maneuver through the warehouse and then sit in the checkout lines in Costco. You want to be able to pick something up on your drive home from work, or on the weekend, when it’s convenient for you. I’ll show you why I leverage Target on a regular basis to spend smart and save time for my shopping needs

Target Store Pickup

One of the secret weapons I’m slowly becoming aware of is just how convenient, and much time I can save, simply by choosing store pickup. Admittedly, I’m a Costco member, but I’ve found I use them less and less simply because of how much time and effort it takes to get my shopping done. I’m also an Amazon Prime shopper, but if I need to pick something up on the way home from work Amazon can’t help me get what I need today. This is where the true beauty of Target’s store pickup come’s into play, because it effectively helps you with three main things:

    • Allows you to purchase and receive your products the same day.
    • Reduces the time spent shopping.
    • Prevents you from making impulse buys.

Here’s a short video that shows you in three steps just how convenient and easy it is to do store pickup with Target:

target store pickup


Other notable conveniences of leveraging store pickup include:

    • Orders typically ready for pickup in two hours or less if placed before 7pm local time.
    • Target will hold your order for four full days after you receive your email that your order is ready.
    • You will not be charged until your order is processed (or if the order is canceled).
    • You can have someone else pick up your order for you just by listing them as an alternate pickup person.

Because I have both a Target on my way home from work and about a mile from where I live I can conveniently choose, depending on what my schedule is, what store I want to schedule in store pickup from. Until I started using this feature regularly I didn’t realize how much time it would end up saving me. I can be sitting at the local coffee shop, realize I need to pick something up, pull out my phone, navigate to and in a few clicks can have my order ready and waiting for me by the time I’m done with my beverage.

Leverage the Target REDCard for Additional Savings

It’s pretty clear you can leverage Target’s store pickup feature to help you save time, but how can you also save money? Target’s REDcard comes with three great benefits that you can use in conjunction with store pickup:

    • 5% off all orders online and in-store.
    • Free Shipping on all orders from (on the orders you don’t use for store pickup).
    • An additional 30 days extra for all returns.

Not to mention, Target will donate 1% of the purchases you make with your credit or debit card at Target and A great way to give back to your local community or your kids K-12 school.

The product selection at Target is definitely great for families on a budget or individuals trying to save money. While Costco and Amazon are two great resources they have their downsides. No paid membership is required at Target for their convenience or to get maximum savings. With store pickup and the Target REDcard you have two great tools to help you look smarteat smart and spend smart while allowing you to save time and save money.

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