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Save 50-90% Off Local With Groupon

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Amazon was one of the first pioneers to create the daily deal frenzy that online shoppers routinely leverage during the holiday shopping season. However, these deals are primarily for specific products. What if you wanted to treat your girlfriend or wife to a great dinner on the town? Perhaps gift your mother a spa treatment or a therapeutic massage? Maybe you just want to get out in your local area, but don’t want to pay an arm and leg to do it? The publicly traded company, Groupon, is one of my favorite resources to save money and learn about new restaurants and businesses in my local community. I’ll show you how I leverage Groupon to spend smart and get the best of what my city, or any city I visit, has to offer.

Leverage Groupon to Try New Businesses

One of my favorite ways to use Groupon is to browse through the various Health & Fitness deals and see what new fitness classes are available. My Mother and I actually found a new love for Yoga as a result of Groupon, which has transpired into trying various forms and facilities. Obviously the point of Groupon, from a business standpoint, is for you to try a company and if you like it purchase a full-time membership. Personally, I like leveraging as many different Groupon’s as possible especially in the Health & Fitness section.



Here you can find various clubs around where you live for a variety of different classes including: cross fit, yoga, personal training, gym memberships, rock climbing and more! Typically you can get either a 10-20 class pass or a month to six month long membership to use depending on the facility and deal they’re offering. Make sure you view the terms and restrictions before you purchase to be certain how long you have to use the Groupon, what it’s eligible for and other subtleties.

 Other popular categories to check out include Food & Drink, Local Services and Things to Do. Whatever you’re looking to save money on you can typically find a local business in the area featuring a deal unique to your area. If there’s any specific areas or deals you want me to keep an eye out for feel free to leave a comment or drop me a note through the contact page. Groupon is a great way to spend smart and support your local area!

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