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The Tie Bar: Accessorize For Only $15

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One of the main ways I learned how to update my wardrobe during my journey to look smart, eat smart and spend smart was the utilization of accessories. There’s a few staple style tips that I learned from this free ebook, but once I had my staple items secured and fitting properly I knew it was time to start accessorizing. The accessories you use in conjunction with your outfit is ultimately what shows off your personality and your personal style. However, if you’re ever taken a stroll through Macy’s tie and pocket square section you know the prices and deals are a complete crap shoot. What if I introduced you to a company that sells ties, bow ties, pocket squares, cuff links, scarves and more for only $15 each? Instead of paying large retailer prices you can get the same looks used in GQ magazine for a fraction of the cost. Learn how to leverage one of my all-time favorite companies, The Tie Bar, to look smart and spend smart.

Tie Options with The Tie Bar

One of the main reasons, aside from price, that I use The Tie Bar is the ability to search and find specific products that I’m looking for. Their internal search capabilities on their website is one of their biggest strengths because it will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. It can be overwhelming when you’re shopping for a tie because unless you know the possibilities of what’s available you’re going to have difficulty narrowing the choices down. Personally, I use the skinny ties exclusively, but you can find regular neckties and bow ties. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Dwayne Wade have their own personal lines or you can use your own criteria:

So many choices to choose from!

So many choices to choose from!

Aside from having several different ways to shop for your tie, there’s the visual aspect of shopping that needs to be replaced. The Tie Bar does an incredible job of allowing you to select different shirt and suit options for you to see how the tie combination would look. The options are not limitless, but from the example below you can see how beneficial a feature like this can be:

Customize your look to see exactly how you plan to wear your tie.

Customize your look to see exactly how you plan to wear your tie.

In my own personal closet I currently utilize the silk knit skinny ties because the texture adds some extra character and depth compared to a regular silk tie. There’s a large variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from. Below you’ll see that I have a black knit, stipe and teal colored silk knit skinny tie:

Knitted - BlackKnit Alt Stripe - NavyKnitted - Teal

For my regular necktie collection, I utilize two different plaid skinny tie patterns with only four colors used per tie. Anything else is going to be very busy looking, but these two featured below have a soft color pallet and therefore come across different, fun and yet classy at the same time. The two featured below are the Winter Blues and Wow Plaid:

Winter PlaidWow Plaid

There are thousands of different patterns, lengths and widths  to choose from and you can be as detailed as you want with your search for tie combinations.

Using The Tie Bar for Pocket Squares

Another tool in your style arsenal is the use of a pocket square. Just like with their ties, there’s an extensive list to search by with well over 1,000+ products for you to choose from. Unfortunately you don’t have the ability to visualize with a shirt, suit and tie combination, but pocket squares are all about adding a little pop to your outfit.

I have several different colors and patterns I’ve collected over the years, but my mainstay is the solid twill pocket square in white. What’s different about the solid twill is a subtle pattern that helps add more character to the solid white color. Just like the use of the knitted silk tie, I can use this pattern to add depth and additional character:
Solid Twill Pocket Square - White
The key with pocket squares is you want them to help accent your outfit and typically be a different color or pattern than your tie. You can leverage your pocket square to pick up one of the less dominant colors on your shirt or in your tie. If you have a solid colored tie, use a pattern in your pocket square, or if you have a pattern in your tie, then use a solid color pocket square. Too often I see people use the same exact pattern and color pocket square as their tie and it’s just not a good combination. Personally, I strive to be classy and subtle rather than loud, brash and over-the-top.

The Tie Bar That Completes Your Style

My secret weapon for helping bring my outfit together, and is a distinct style preference, is the use of a tie bar. Ironically, The Tie Bar specializes in neckties, but their tie bar collection spans close to 300 total products. The main differentiators of a tie bar are going to be deciding to use a pinch clasp vs a slide clasp and if you want a specific pattern or color. Just like with your pocket square, you can use your tie bar to picket up another secondary color in your tie, or add a pop of color. I use the following tie bars to help complete my style:
Black Tie Bar - 1 1/2 (Tie Bars)Red Tie Bar - 1 1/2 (Tie Bars)White Tie Bar - 1 1/2 (Tie Bars)Silver Shot Tie Bar - 1 1/2 (Tie Bars)
Because I use a skinny tie, and I personally like the look of having just a touch of the tie showing where the tie bar is placed, I use the 1-1/2 inch length tie bars exclusively. However, this is a personal preference that I like and I suggest playing around with different sizes until you figure out exactly the look you’re going for. In fact, you should play around with ALL of the different options The Tie Bar offers because their return and exchange policy should give you the confidence you’re going to get exactly what your want.

Out of all of the companies that I personally endorse and use, The Tie Bar is one of my absolute favorites. While it’s extremely unproductive, I’ve found myself getting lost in their extensive list of products creating massive a wish lists for future purchases. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to look smart with The Tie Bar you can get exactly the look you want for a fraction of the designer cost. It’s my go to site to spend smart and take my style and wardrobe to the next level.

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