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PureFormulas Supplements Your Health

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One of the greatest area’s of focus I made when I transitioned over to the Paleo diet was to refocus my nutrient intake. My parents taught me very early on about the benefits of taking vitamins and minerals to help supplement your diet. My first encounter with this was in High School when I ran Cross Country and Track and discovered that I was always tired no matter how much rest or food I ate. After consulting with my coach, we determined that because my Mother was a vegetarian, and only ate meat one or two times a week, I may not be getting the necessary iron intake. After about a week of being on an iron pill my exhaustion had completely disappeared, it was like magic! When I started the Paleo diet I had my current supplements examined and adjusted based on my needs. The health and supplement industry is one of the largest and there’s certainly a lot of options. I’ve used several, but the large majority of my purchases come from PureFormulas. Today, I’ll explain why PureFormulas is my goto for my supplementation needs.

The PureFormulas Promise

As I said before, there’s thousands of options to choose from when determining where to purchase your vitamins and supplements from. Personally, I’ve done enough research both online and in-person that I’m comfortable enough to order my products online. For others, they might prefer being able to go to a storefront and shop with a trusted supplement company like GNC. The PureFormulas Promise is ultimately the reason why they’ve become my go to company for my supplement needs.

PureFormulas Promise

What else could you want or need?

Aside from the Amazon Prime program, there’s very few companies that provide both free shipping and free return shipping. One of the key contributors to helping you save time, especially when you can’t leverage in-store pickup, is having free shipping both ways. It’s not as common as you would hope and those extra costs can often be the deterrent from purchasing online instead of in person. With over 40,000 products to choose from, PureFormulas focus is on keeping you happy and helping you eat smart.

PureFormulas Additional Categories

There’s truly only one Amazon, but it’s also an added bonus when you can save time shopping by combining multiple categories all under one specific company. PureFormulas features a beauty, fitnessfood and pet section of products for you to choose from. I was skeptical at first wondering why I would want to get my skin care products through a company that has positioned themselves as a vitamin and mineral supplement source. However, when I started looking at the brands they offered in these various categories it became very clear that what’s being carried is comparable to Whole Foods featuring more holistic and organic products. The key difference being you don’t have to physically drive to the store to get your products and it’s likely you can get the same or similar products cheaper with PureFormulas.

PureFormulas Product Quality

The list of brands that PureFormulas uses is quite extensive and it’s also nice to see a distinct list of Doctors Trusted Brands in case you’re not sure which to use. As part of their promise, PureFormulas uses the highest quality products they can get their hands on. Many of these products come from specialty brands that use organic materials with a higher quality than you’re going to find at your local grocery store. The potency and sourcing of the ingredients are going to be much better quality as a result of the materials used and therefore be absorbed much better than other products you’ve used in the past. The customer service team is a great resource to bounce thoughts and ideas off so you can keep track of all the possibilities.

Right now you can Earn a $10* gift card on orders of $75 or more Code: PUREGIFT. This is a great way to stock up and get gift cards to use on your next order. What I recommend if just doing some price comparison shopping with PureFormulas. I’ve found with a majority of the supplements that I take I save money so I spend smartsave time and it allows me to accomplish my goal to eat smart.

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