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Bonobos: Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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One of the first things I discovered and learned about when I wanted to dress better was about the concept of fit. I knew about the use of a tailor and if I ever made gobs of money I could afford to get all of my clothing custom made to fit my slightly awkward proportions. When I was younger, my Mother purchased all of my clothes for me and then when I transitioned to making my own clothing purchases I was simply looking for specific clothing pieces and determining my purchase behavior based on how the item looked and how cheap I could get them. It wasn’t until I discovered Antonio Centeno that I started to understand how important the fit of my clothing was on my overall appearance. I can remember the piles of clothing that my sister and I took to Goodwill when I made the vow never to ware a poorly fitted clothing item again. I didn’t want my wardrobe to tempt me, I wanted to feel good about every piece I wore every single day. My pants were one of the first things I needed to change. I’d always been an oversized Dockers supporter until I discovered Bonobos. Their mission: ‘To create men’s pants that look and feel great for a wide variety of men.’ Learn why Bonobos is the exclusive brand that I use to purchase all of my pants.

Bonobos: The Perfect Fit

As an athletically built 5’8” male I’ve always had difficultly finding pants that fit me. With a waist, depending on the brand, that sits at 29-30 inches and an inseam length or roughly 32 inches I’m teetering on the teenager/boys department. However, I’m a runner and a athlete which means my lower half isn’t flat like a board and the cookie cutter framework of other pant companies simply don’t work for me. I want something that has the tailored look, but doesn’t come across as a skinny jean knock-off. I’m a business professional, not a rock star, and the Bonobos Mission is part of my personal mission too: ‘Find the best fitted clothing I can.’

Bonobos Pants Fit

Having the options for a slim and tailor fitted pants are great options for me, but for those that have a little more girth to their calves they also have a straight and boot cut pant to ensure you have the best possible fitted pair of pants you can get your hands on.

Three other policy staples of Bonobos, that gives you the confidence to buy from a virtual clothing company, including free shipping both ways, 365-day returns and the amazing customer service team. I’ve literally ordered six different pairs of the exact same pair of pants just so I can get the exact fit that I want. In fact, the customer service team recommended that I do that to ensure I had the perfect fit! If that isn’t enough, they have an unprecedented 365-day return policy in case anything happens. Not even the customer service king Nordstrom has a policy like that. Those polices are ultimately what put me over the edge and got me to try a pair of pants from Bonobos.

The Bonobos Weekday Warriors

In my personal wardrobe, I have two pairs of jeans and then the rest of the pant collection is comprised of the Bonobos Weekday Warriors collection. These are the workhorses of my personal style and typically are used six or seven days a week. I previously used Dockers because of their non-iron capabilities and simply because they were a name brand. Quite literally, the Weekday Warriors can be thrown into the dryer for five minutes, sometimes even less, and come out looking like they were freshly ironed. That’s an amazing time saver for a busy professional that wants to spend 30 minutes or less getting ready in the morning without compromising his look or overall style.

Bonobos Weekday Warriors

With 12 different colors to choose from, there’s all the basics and a few accent pieces for you to utilize to incorporate into your wardrobe. You’re not going to find any over the top shades or patterns, these are all solid colors and range from black to grey to blue to green to burgundy. Personally, I don’t want the attention to be on my pants, I want my pants to help draw the attention up towards my face. Using a soft and safe color pallet allows you to achieve this acting as a complimentary piece of our outfit rather than the focal point. Also, by utilizing the range of colors available it allows you to be as versatile as possible often times being able to get away with using only a pair or two for an entire week. The non-iron technology allows you to do this with a quick run through the dryer without your coworkers ever knowing you wore the exact same pair of pants three days in a row.

Bonobos is definitely not your cheapest option for purchasing pants (other ways to spend smart), but as you can see from the picture above you’re going to look smart. If you utilize the Weekday Warriors like I do, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time, you won’t have to wrestle with the iron to help get yesterday’s creases out for today’s outfit. Bonobos does have regular seasonal sales if you’re still concerned about the price point and we will be sharing any deals they pass along for our readers. However, you can shop with confidence knowing if you don’t get the best fitted pair of pants, shirts or suits you’ve ever bought, you have up to 365-days and free shipping both ways to help ensure you do.

Update: Hat Tip to Fran who mentioned that new customers receive 20% off their first purchase as a way to try and win your heart over with their superior customer service and high quality products (they definitely won mine!)

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    New customers get 20% off their first order.


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