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Since I’ve started my journey to help people look smarteat smart and spend smart, I’ve been searching all across the inter-webs for a resource to help people save time and save money on groceries. While I haven’t been able to find a permanent solution, trust me I have a few things in the works, I have found something to at least help save money in the interim. I realize Costco is a great resource for helping you save money, but I’ve personally tried to find alternatives to buying 10 lbs of peanut butter and having to spend a hour to get it. In my opinion, the $5 I save making a bulk purchase doesn’t make up for the amount of time I have to spend traveling to the store and then through it to make my purchase. Which is why having a resource like allows me to save time by not traveling to Costco and save money with their free grocery coupons on a wide variety of products.

Free Grocery Coupons for Download

Instead of scouring the classified ads you can save time utilizing digital coupons. With more than 2,000 brands and more than 700 consumer packaged goods companies, you’re bound to find a coupon for something you’re shopping for with a coupon. Since 1998, has been providing consumers with free grocery coupons as a way to alleviate the need for Sunday coupon clipping. All you need to do is follow three easy steps shown below:Free Grocery Coupons

Once complete, you can have access to the over 350+ coupons currently available for you to download for free. There’s several different coupon categories including: personal care, household, foods and many others. To speed things up, I prefer to isolate the specific categories I know I’m shopping for the week. I browse those sections twice a week and typically find two or three coupons to use.

Print Free Coupons


There isn’t a lot to this merchant other than a quick and simple browse of their site to see if you can find any free grocery coupons, or other categories, to help you save money. is definitely a tool you can use on a regular basis to help you spend smart and avoid coupon clipping.

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