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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to talk about a company I used in honor of my girlfriend. While I don’t want get into the semantics of how we met, I’ll save that for a post down the road, it is important to know that she serves in the military and was away at training when we first starting using this service. Being a vegetarian, whose an athlete focused on weight lifting and long distance running, her dietary needs were not being met by the mess hall cuisine. As any concerned boyfriend would do, I started brainstorming how I could possibly help get her the nutrition she needed despite being on the complete other side of the country and no possibility of physically flying to help feed her. There’s a ton of different services out on the market today for ready-made or ingredients-to-make meals, but there’s one in particular that won over my heart and my girlfriend’s smile and that’s a company called Plated.

You Plated Your Way to Happiness

The challenges of living in an area that you cannot get high quality food, or at least not cheap or in a quick manner, was something I didn’t want my girlfriend to experience. Fortunately, Plated is a very economical solution that delivers directly to your door and allows you to choose your menu. If you’re having a dinner party you can order additional plates and you can cancel or skip deliveries at any time.

Plated Subscription Plan95% of the deliveries made by Plated come from locally sourced farms to ensure you’re receiving the freshest ingredients possible. You can choose from land, sea or vegetarian options which is why my girlfriend was able to enjoy the food. The variety and sourcing Plated uses is as if you had your own personal chef cooking up the concoctions you receive.

Plated Farm to Front Door

Except here’s the part that makes you, the chef, the hero. They take all the guess work and planning out of the recipe.You don’t have to be a great cook in order to leverage the Plated service. All you have to do is follow the directions and you’ll have an amazing high quality and highly nutritious meal. Something you can grab about and make all of your friends and family jealous of your creation.
Plated Balanced PlateHowever, I think the best way to tempt you is to show you what I would eat this month, Cider-Braised Short Ribs and Carrots with Root Vegetable Mash:

Plated Cider-Braised Short Ribs and Carrots with Root Vegetable MashWhile the girlfriend would likely enjoy eating the Seared Tofu with Citrus and Sherry-Glazed Vegetables:

Plated Seared Tofu with Citrus and Sherry-Glazed VegetablesPlated offers a wide variety of meals to choose from and every meal takes 45 minutes or less to prepare and cook. New, first-time, customers also can usually find a nice discount to try out the service to see how easy and enjoyable these meals can be. So in honor of my girlfriend, and Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share the meal I would love to share with her this evening. Make a loved one happy by trying Plated and you’ll see just how high quality the products served can be while you save time and eat smart. Happy anniversary beautiful.

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