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The Sophisticated Look in Your Pocket with Key Smart

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Sometimes there’s a product or brand that comes around that for whatever reason they just connect with you personally. For whatever reason, from the outside they appear silly and are often a want not a need. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly drew me to the company called Key Smart, but I remember when I first came across their products I knew it was innovative and just a flat out good idea. I never put much thought into how my keys are organized or what my key chain looked like, but after seeing the video I’ve shared below I knew I wanted this Made in America product. It definitely made me look smart when I didn’t have to go wrestling through my pockets to find my keys. There’s just something about the design, and the simplicity of the product, that make you want to support the brand and use the product yourself.

Key Smart: The Modern Keychain

The best way to describe and showcase the Key Smart key chain is to start off by watching the video below:

In 2012, the way that you look at your keys organization was changed. After a successful Kickstarter campaign they were able to get enough momentum to continue forging forward. Since then, they’ve branched out on their features list and are one of the most popular keychains in the world. Additionally, it always seems to add an extra smile to your face when you know (at least it does personally)ˆwhen you know you’re supporting a Made in America business.Key Smart

If you want to eliminate the bulky pocket syndrome, then the Key Smart system is the way to go. I personally have an orange version as I have shown above with the only difference being I leverage an expander pack to fit a few more keys. I also have and utilize the bottle opener accessory (it’s for my friends; not me) which has come in extremely handy on several different outings and house parties. Today’s brand examination is very straight forward and to the point without any room for babbling. If you want to look smart, support the Made in America movement or simply consolidate your key chain then I highly recommend giving the Key Smart, a once over.

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