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Fueling Your Running Passion with Road Runner Sports

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I’m a VIP, and use Road Runner Sports to supplement my running and athletic wear needs, because they have amazing customer service and the ability to buy running supplies anywhere in the United States. Since my Elementary school days, I’ve been involved with physical fitness and sports teams ranging from basketball to soccer. When I entered High School, I wasn’t physically gifted enough to make any of the sports teams, but I did discover my passion for running. I was never the fastest or the strongest runner, but there I simply enjoyed the daily grind of getting out on the road or a trail and going for a run. Over the years I’ve trained and run in various events, completed a Marathon, run in the Hood to Coast relay race and made the habit of running several times a week regardless of the weather in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve shopped at various local running stores and always enjoyed the camaraderie they tend to display with weekly running groups. However, the one thing that’s missing at the local running stores is the ability to get what you need if you’re out of town or simply can’t get to the store.

Road Runner Sports Unparalleled Customer Service

One of the toughest things to do for a non-runner is to get motivated to go running. Heck, sometimes for a runner it’s tough to get up and go running. The difference is the runner understands the benefits and has as few a barriers as possible to hold them back. The most common barrier, only second to ‘I don’t have time’, is not having the right or necessary gear. Finding the perfect pair of shoes and the right apparel that make you look good and feel good can be very challenging if you don’t know what to look for. With 38 stores located across the country, you do have the ability to head in store and experience their custom shoe sizing process. If you haven’t experienced it before, I highly recommend you find a store and go try it out. For those that don’t have a store close by, the shoe finder is a pretty neat, and quick, tool you can use to help you get recommendations without physically trying on the shoe. This is another reason why being a VIP is great because you get free shipping to go along with the 10% off and 90 day guarantee you receive. Plus, you can leverage their hotline number to get recommendations which VIP’s get special front of the line service. Very similar to Amazon Prime, Road Runner Sports makes sure their VIP’s are taken care of and the $24.99/year is just a small price for the benefits you receive.

Road Runner Sports Shoe Variety

The number of brands and products Road Runner Sports has is pretty remarkable. The navigation of their site is a little clunky, which is why I recommend going into the store for your first visit, but once you know what you want it can be a breeze. Personally, I got on the Minimalist shoes bandwagon about 6 years ago. I’ve had a stress factor in my foot before and with all my refereeing my feet typically would get worn down. My calve muscles have always been a weak point which is why I switched over to a Minimalist shoe. I knew that while it would be a slow transition and process, once I completely converted over, I would be less injury prone and a much more efficient runner.

Road Runner Sports New Balance 890v3

I personally use the New Balance 890v3 as my current running shoe, but this is only after a few years of breaking into a Minimalist shoe using the New Balance Minimus line of shoes. The extra cushion provided by the 890v3 is actually a little easier on my feet and joints, but still provides the low toe to heel drop that the Minimalist shoe movement specializes in. You’re definitely going to want to invest in a travel stick regardless of what type of shoe you wear to help keep your feet, legs and muscles loose and in the best possible working condition you can.

Once you know what type of shoe you like and want to use in the future it becomes very easy to save time and just order online. The free shipping and VIP program really makes Road Runner Sports a great solution for buying all the products you need to get outside and go for a run. There really are no excuses anymore once you start browsing their site. Having the world’s largest running and walking store at the tip of your finger tips gives you the confidence you need to shop online and ditch the local running store for purchasing your running products.

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