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Cut The TV Cord with Mohu

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When I started looking into alternative solutions I realized I didn’t have to give up on TV service. The best way to save money on TV, while still getting most major sporting events in HD, is using a little product called Mohu. When I finally bought my own house, one of the biggest priorities I had was ensuring I had a big screen TV to watch sports and movies.  I was going to revel in my living room space and watch any and every sporting event in my own place. Then reality set in, and I realized that I had so many different activities going on that I quite literally was never home to watch my TV. I was a DirecTV customer with as many ESPN channels I could get, but realized at $50/month, only as a result of several discounts, I was overpaying for the amount of time I was using my TV. The numbers just didn’t make sense, for the number of times per year I used my TV, the $600 per year could be used for several other things (mainly my addiction for eating healthy).

Mohu Your Way to Freedom

If you’re a sports fan like me, and you want to still see as many sporting events as possible without paying an arm and a leg for it, you’d be shocked the number of sporting events on local channels. The Superbowl, NBA Finals, The Masters, Sunday Night Football, College Football, College Basketball including March Madness, NASCAR, The Stanley Cup and more are all accessible on basic local channels. All that’s required to access these channels is an antenna, however with ‘rabbit ears’ you don’t have the capabilities to get HD quality channels. For someone that has a 52” Smart HD TV, you don’t want to go back to terrestrial channel display, you want to have an HD quality channel. Ultimately that’s where a company like Mohu forges the divide and brings the technology of rabbit ears into the 21st century and allows for HD quality channels.



Depending on your location, will help dictate which of their products will work best for you. I will tell you that the 43 channels tout is a little deceiving. Ultimately, there’s only 5 or so that I personally would use and the rest of them are alternative channels I’ve never even heard of. ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are the most important channels for me and have the majority of sport events that I want to see. I realize I’d have to give up sitting on the couch and veging out to Sportscenter, but I can just pull up my laptop and surf the internet to get the latest sports highlights.

Mohu is bridging the gap between satellite and cable subscribers who are tired of paying $50-$200 per month in television costs and those who primarily want the local channels in HD. The setup is extremely simple to set up and the quality (depending on your area) can be as good if not better than your cable and satellite provider. Are you willing to cut the cord and save over $600 per year like I did?

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