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For those looking for an alternative to Amazon, you find over 30,000+ household products, with a 365 day return policy and free 1-2 day shipping with every order over $49 at I’m always looking for different companies and stores to compare to the Costco experience. There’s so many different choices for getting your household products, but it can be challenging to offset the prices Costco offers. For me personally, my time is becoming more and more valuable, to the point that I’m willing to sacrifice some of my savings in exchange for more time out of my day. As a single male, I realize that my time isn’t nearly as valuable or important as a family. An extra 20-30 minutes can be the difference between getting a nap, me time or getting the house cleaned versus not getting any of that done because of your extended shopping adventure.

What Makes Different

When looking to leverage an online business to do your shopping, instead of a brick and mortar store, you have to be willing to give up on physically being able to hold the product in your hands before buying. This obviously takes quite a bit of trust and/or research in order to get you over the hump. When it comes to household products though, especially if the company you leverage sells the products you already use, you simply have to determine what products you want and how fast you want them. - Speed



Next facet to look for in a company you choose to purchase from online is do they actually have the products that you’re looking for? Without a large array of products there’s no telling what company you’re going to choose. What I’ve found, is when it comes to household products, typically brand is not the main deciding factor, it’s price. So if you typically use Crest, but you can get Colgate for cheaper it’s not going to matter for most people what type of toothpaste you use, you want a product that takes care of your need and helps you spend smart. - Selection

The last thing, and for many people the most important thing, is what type of customer service are you going to receive? You want to know that you’re going to be satisfied regardless of what you purchase. Knowing you have a 365-day return policy with gives you the confidence you can try new products and still get your money back regardless of how long it takes you to decide if you like the new brand or product. This is a huge selling point for me to leverage a particular site because it’s not a common practice to get a return policy like that for anyone let alone a brick and mortar store. - Service


I don’t have a particular product or category that I shop exclusively with, but I definitely leverage them for price comparison and plan to use them in the near future. While using in-store pickup is by far the best service you can find to help you save time, having a 365-day return policy is the next best service. It simply means if I can do a little planning ahead, which I personally tend to do anyways, then I can add an additional layer of satisfaction protection to my household product purchases. I’m constantly looking to experiment with different brands and products, but I’m going to be more hesitant to do so if I don’t have the potential to return the product. So if you’re looking to save time by not shopping inside the store and want to spend smart too, I’d definitely recommend you include in your product research list to ensure you have as many options available as possibel.

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