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Sometimes it’s just nice to search and leverage a brand or company simply to see what’s out on the market. Which is exactly what I do with the site eBags, which helps me find the exact model, style and type of bag I need for traveling or just everyday life. It’s always challenging to find other companies to shop with when you can save time and money with Amazon. They quite literally have any and everything with amazing customer service and fantastic shipping times. However, I do like having specialty brands and companies to use and leverage like Republic Wireless for a $10/month phone plan, Dorco for $25/year for razors and Pureformulas for all of my supplement needs. Let’s take a look at what makes eBags a great option for doing product research for finding the perfect bag.

Navigate eBags with Ease

One of the key traits I have that allows me to get the best deals on everything I by is I do extensive research and I’m not afraid to try other brands or companies if they have what I want. Typically, I’ve always used Costco for my luggage or bags simply because their return policy is amazing, not because I love their luggage product(s).  eBags genuinely wants you to find your perfect bag and do that by having one of the most extensive search criteria sections I’ve ever seen.

eBags Search Criteria

There’s 14 unique search parameters that you can use to help drill down and find the exact bag you’re looking for. Some people love to wade through the data and look at reviews and really feel like they completely understand a product before making a purchase, especially if they’re buying it online. However, the eBags warranty allows you to shop with confidence knowing they want you to be completely satisfied no matter how long or what it physically takes.  If you’re more of a visual person you can see the great images and hover over images that display.

eBags Product

eBags Product

eBags Hover

eBags Hover Over
















However, they do this with their entire 55,000+ online inventory. It really makes it easy, and fun, to browse through their product selection. This is definitely something that Amazon does not offer and can make buying a piece of luggage an in-person purchase only. However, as you know, I’m all about saving time and finding ways to avoid physically driving and going into a store. I also believe that if a site and company treats you well, you should support them. The prices on eBags are very competitive which is definitely going to make me use their their site the next time I’m looking for a piece of luggage. I highly recommend leveraging the searchability of the eBags site to help you save time researching with their extensive search criteria catered exclusively to finding the best bag you can buy.

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