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The Gift Giving Champ Called 1800Flowers

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Whenever I think of 1800flowers, I always associate them with a few particular holidays of annual occasions. Valentine’s Day, birthday’s, graduation, anniversary’s, ect. I’ve personally ordered through them a few times and have always been very happy with the quality and timeliness of the orders. However, the 1800flowers family is more than just a flower company it’s actually part of one of the largest giving giving families online. The Popcorn Factory, Fannie May, 1800baskets, Cheryl’s and Fruit are all under the same umbrella and you can shop at all six sites at the same time. I absolutely love utilizing shared shopping carts because it allows me to shop a variety of different brands and speeds up my checkout time without having to search for additional gift giving ideas. You’re definitely not going to find ideas how to save money or spend smart, but you are going to learn about ways to save time when trying to find a creative and unique gift for any occasion that’s sure to wow your recipient.

1800flowers Shipping with Ease

Aside from having a wide variety of gift ideas to chose from, 1800flowers offers a unique shipping program called either celebrations passport. For $29.99 per year you get free 2-day shipping with no service charges on any order, no minimum order size and the ability to leverage these benefits across the entire family of brands. Which means you have the ability to get flowers, gift baskets, cookies, popcorn, chocolates and fruit arrangements all shipped to your door, or gift recipients door, in two business days on as many orders as you like for only $29.99.

1800flowers Passport


Now, I would only condone signing up for the celebrations passport if you plan on using 1800flowers for multiple purchases across multiple brands. Below you’ll find the breakdown for service charges and shipping charges which are based on a tier of the merchandise amount:


1800flowers Shipping Charges

Without getting into too much math, if you need anything that requires 2nd business day delivery or faster you’re better off just paying the $29.99 and using the passport regardless of how much your merchandise amount is because you’re going to get tacked an extra fee. If you plan on making multiple orders throughout the year it also makes sense to the passport. Talking about the product lines that 1800flowers and the rest of the family of brands offers could be a completely different post. From the standpoint of helping you save time, and not cost you an arm and leg on shipping, 1800flowers is a great solution for finding unique gifts for friends, family and coworkers.

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