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Walgreens is one of the leading pharmacies in the US, but the volume of online sales is significantly lower, which is why they leverage the site Many of the same products you find in your local Walgreens you can find online through Many times when searching for specific products is nice to have a handful of different stores to examine to ensure you get the best deal. Families can save with or you can just use Amazon to save 90% off, but sometimes leveraging a major brand’s affiliate company can be a good option too. What’s interesting, is many times major brands will have a ‘sister’ brand that acts as a portal for the same type of business. The marketing or branding tends to skew different than the main brand, but the products, and typically prices, tend to all be the same. Learn why leveraging the online shopping portal of, and their massive product inventory, can help you save money. Product Variety

Quite similar to what I discussed leveraging eBags for, you can do the same thing for The sheer volume of brand named products, and direct affiliation with the GNC store means you have thousands of named brands to choose from at a quality price. Toiletries and household goods in particular are products that you simply need to buy when you need them. Unlike switching cell phone plans to Republic Wireless, or buying designer glasses from Warby Parker, if Amazon doesn’t have a deal on laundry detergent it just makes sense to go find someone who current does have it on sale. As you can see via the navigation bar below, has a pretty extensive product selection: Navigation Bar

The shopping categories to choose from are pretty extensive as well: Categories


Now I want to be clear that I’m not saying that is necessarily the best or cheapest option to buy your toiletries or household products from. Instead, I would leverage them, and whatever deals or coupons they offer, to purchase the products you specifically need that week or month. If you rely on only one particular store, you’re limiting your potential to save and spend smart. As you get more familiar with the site and their deals you’ll get a better grasp for which site has the best deals for the products you buy. For example, my father likes a specific form and brand of Astragalus that only GNC provides. Therefore, he typically buys it in bulk quantities online when he has a coupon code and can get free shipping. There’s other ways to get creative, but the sheer number of products offered makes a great resource to use.

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