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7 Million Home Goods To Choose From at Wayfair

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Since 2002, Wayfair has been the internet’s destination for everything home with more than seven million products from 7,000 different vendors available. The variety is overwhelming, but their customer centric social discovery and planning tools allows you to plot out exactly what you’re looking for in every room in the house. One of my favorite things to do when figuring out the design and layout of my home interior is to create a modern picture book with Pinterest. When I bought my house, I was trying to decide what kind of home furnishings and style I wanted to have. As a result, I scoured the internet and hoped the products I found were ‘pinnable’ so that I could come back and reference the products at another time. If only I discovered the home goods eCommerce super store two years ago, I might have saved myself a ton of time and hassle scouring the internet for household goods. See how you can leverage the Wayfair way to navigate the world’s largest online selections of furniture, home furnishings, décor and goods.

Wayfair Inspiration

I’ve always found that any type of art (i.e. music, painting, photography, ect.) can leverage outside sources for inspiration. When I played in the Jazz Band I would listen to as many of the classic artists as I possibly could like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. Immersing myself in their music along with going to see live concerts allowed me to develop my own style and music personality. The same thing can be said for the style and amenities you choose to help decorate your home. It was overwhelming at first when I started searching for products especially since I never really paid attention to everything that went into furnishing a home. What I love so much about Wayfair is they have a wealth of information, start at the basics and allow you to find products for a variety of budgets. The Wayfair Buying Guides are one of the best places to start when you’re trying to figure out what products you might need or want.
Wayfair Buying GuidesOnce you have a basic understanding of the types of products you want and a rough understanding of the design, quality and style you want, you can begin to explore others ideas. Physically driving to and walking through the Street of Dreams has always been a great option in the local area to see what home decorators can create, but it’s difficult to see multiple ideas without leveraging the internet. Again, Pinterest is a great resource, but I personally like the layout and sortable options you can use for the Wayfair Room Design Photos. You can search by a specific room in your house or apartment, where your space may be located (regional style ideas), what type of style and even leverage the wide array of designers. If you like the look, you can actually click through and buy the products depicted in the photo or save look to your idea board which we’ll talk about more down below.
Wayfair Room Designs
Finally, if you’re just searching for specific tips, tricks or just overall inspiration, you can head on over to the Wayfair Inspiration page. Here, you can leverage specific magazine shops like HGTV to read and shop through specific articles. There’s an incredible wealth of inspiration provided by ten different article categories to choose from to research exactly the room or style you want to improve and implement. There’s almost an entire year’s worth of articles supplied by bloggers or specific magazines providing hundreds of articles chock full of inspiration.
Wayfair Inspiration

Finding the information isn’t necessarily the difficult part, rather putting the information together in a concise manner you can use as a reference guide can be. As mentioned before, one of the best ways to organize all of your ideas, in a very Pinterest manner, is to leverage the Wayfair Idea Boards.

Wayfair Idea Boards

The Wayfair Idea Boards are a great way to continue to refine and discover exactly what type of home goods you’re looking for. You do have to create an account in order to create and save you’re idea boards, but it’s extremely easy and simple to complete. Once you have your account created you can start working on creating your idea boards. You can save specific products, photos shared on the site, inspirations and just about anything else you find on the site to help provide you with all the resources you need to save your ideas. Once you have your boards created, you can organize them however you want and leverage them to discover more products by following other Wayfair customers.

Wayfair Idea Boards

The creation of the board is actually quite simple. You start by selecting three different interests, brands and people to help create a specific filter for the products that will show up in your personal Wayfair product feed. You’ll see, based on the choices you make, a slew of products recommended specifically for you .

Wayfair Idea Board Creation

Once you’re all finished gathering your inspiration, determining what look and feel you’re trying to evoke and putting that information into an inspiration board, it’s finally time to find the best deal on the products you want. The wide array of brands and products means there’s items for every type of budget and you don’t have to break the bank just because you’re searching for a new kitchen set or set of decorative pillows. Like Amazon, Wayfair provides daily deals to help you find exactly what you want for a great price.

Wayfair Daily Deals

Once you do all of your research and brainstorming, it’s time to actually purchase the products you’re looking for. While you could shop around, and do more research for the best price, the Wayfair Daily Deals offer up to 70% off starting every day at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT. There’s typically upwards of 50 total daily deals featured not including the specific category or product level discounts. You may not find the best price with Wayfair, but you may not find the product you’re looking for on another site either. Many products are exclusive and the amount of time you would have to spend searching for the product you want, and found through Wayfair, at a better price on a different site, may not be worth your troubles browsing the internet. Free 2-Day Shipping is available on all best sellers products (over 480k products), all orders over $49 gives you free shipping and for all orders less than $49 you can get shipping for the very economical price of only $4.99.

Wayfair Daily Sales

I’ve admittedly been a huge fan of shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, but you simply can’t beat the product knowledge provided and categories offered by Wayfair. My new go to site for brainstorming, gathering inspiration and purchasing home goods is definitely Wayfair. Their social tools allows me to save time while their incredible product selection will allow my home to look smart by leveraging their over seven million products offered online.

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