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I’ve gone through hundreds of different workout plans and routines through various articles and information online. Often times, people get scared away when they hear the term ‘Bodybuilding’ because of the connotations it represents. You think of some really tan man or woman that eats like a twig or can bench 500 lbs on steroids with no ability to do anything functional except for walk across a stage. However, just like with marathon running, there’s a lot you can learn from the network of bodybuilders because they live, breath and eat working out. They’re constantly working on pushing their physical limits and are often times some of the top physical trainers and athletes in the world. Bodybuilding, in my mind at least, means exactly that; you’re building yourself the body you ultimately want to have. Since 2000, I’ve been going to and leveraging them for their wealth of information about supplements and workouts. Even for a high school freshman pipsqueak like me I was able to start learning about various lifts, workout routines, proper diet and supplementation and could really dig in and get a comprehensive search for products. I’ll show you how I use to workout and eat smart. The Workout Hub

I’ve slowly started to realize why Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazine are so popular, because they do all of the work for you when created a workout program. They have catchy titles like, ‘The Supermodel Workout,’ or, ‘Look like Captain America’ that ultimately sell to the masses. However, these programs cater to people more because of their marketing and not necessarily because of how great the workout really can be. Take the workout programs through for example, they may come across as being for people that are simply more energetic or hardcore about exercise than you, but you’re going to find the support and help amazing. Everything from diet plans to over 8k videos to watch and an massive audio/video section, you’re going to be inundated with information, but information that caters to you and your needs. Yes, you’re going to find some incredibly passionate and hardcore people on this site, but don’t let the tattoos and 23 inch biceps scare you away, take this Post-Pregnancy workout plan as an example of the wide variety of programs offers.

Bodybuilding Workout Programs

For those that want to get into the nitty gritty, or simply take control of their workouts like I do, you’ll find an incredible database of exercises that you can narrow down to the specific body part you’re wanting to target. Lets say for example that I want to focus on getting bigger calve muscles, for whatever reason, I can go to the calves page and read all about how that specific body part works and the best exercises to use. There’s thousands of exercises for you to choose from and everything is vetted by the community with ratings, personal recommendations and the ability to talk to other users about their experiences. Did I mention that every exercise featured has an accompanying video so you know exactly how to perform it and has a male and female gender preference to give you an even more customized feel.

Bodybuilding Workouts is my main source when I’m starting a new routine or looking to confirm if my current program is going to get the results that I’m looking for. The best part about all of the information is its all free. The only thing it’s going to cost me is my own personal time watching videos, taking notes and consuming as much information as I want to ensure I get a great workout every day. If you can look past the imagery of ripped tan individuals then I think anyone can find a workout plan or routine that fits their lifestyle and needs. Supplement Guide

Once you start getting into a workout routine the next most important thing to focus on is what you put in your body to fuel and refuel. While a lot of my vitamins come from (read my review about them), I’ve used in the past and my girlfriend uses them almost exclusively. What I like best about the store, is just like their workout articles and exercise information, you’re going to find an incredible amount of information on specific products shopping by category. I almost always, before I make a purchase, go to the store and see what their community has to has about a particular product. For example, when I started taking Chromium for my pre-diabetes, I very quickly checked the ingredient guide listed at the top of the page and started browsing the product list to see what brands specialized in this mineral. It’s one thing to check Webmd or another resource, but I wanted to know how taking this supplement was going to affect my workouts. Turns out, it actually helps my workouts!

Bodybuilding Categories


Again, just like workout programs, you can get a customized supplement plan built just for you regardless of what your goals for fitness may be. It would be my recommendation, just from an information gathering guide, to start here and then start to branch out. Just looking at the number of protein types can be overwhelming, so if you start off at a high level, and start eliminating products based on the goals, ingredients and price you’re looking for, it’s going to feel much more manageable..

Bodybuilding Supplement ToolIt’s easy to discredit or pass judgement on a site when it’s title and you’re not looking to become a bodybuilder. However, if you’re just a regular Jane or Joe, and you’re looking to find a more customized and personalized workout and supplement plan for you than what your magazine has, then I would highly recommend checking out their site and trying a product or two. Their community and customer service is some of the best I’ve experienced on any online only site I’ve ever shopped with. The entire mission is to help you eat smart, and workout smart, which is going to help you look smart when you’ve got the body and fitness level you’ve always wanted.

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