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The Mother of All Races: The Spartan Race

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Since 2010, athletes have been pushing themselves through some of the world’s toughest obstacle courses. Considered by most, a ‘true’ adventure race with a sprint (3+ miles), super (8+ miles) or beast (12+ miles) length to test anyone physically and mentally. With mud, water and other obstacles you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished a great task by the finish line. There’s even events for kids that allow the entire family to get involved. So who is considered the world’s best obstacle race? The Spartan Race. You’ll learn a little bit more about why this race is considered the world’s best and I’ll share a special 20% off code good until March 13th.

The Spartan Race Details

What’s become a cult of sorts really just seems to be an adrenaline junkies relay race. It all depends on the length of the event and how many obstacles you want to put yourself through. The sprint is a 3+ mile long course with typically 15+ obstacles to overcome. The super is an 8+ mile long course with typically 20+ obstacles to overcome. Finally, there’s the beast which is a 12+ mile long course with 25+ obstacles to overcome. These have become quite popular in the cross-fit communities as another way to test your physical capabilities.

Spartan Race

How Badass is That?

Each race is completely unique with the own race information so if you’re looking for more details I would definitely head over to the The Spartan Race site to see if this adrenaline rush is for you. As mentioned before, if you’re looking for a discount you can use the coupon code MARCH to receive 20% off which is valid until March 13th, 2015. If you missed the deadline I’ll be posting additional coupon codes as they arise, but you can also check out Groupon to see if there’s any additional discounts you can find. This is a great way to get some exercise and test your physical and mental makeup while you spend smart using the coupon code above.

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