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The Classic Converse Alternative: PF Flyers

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For me, there’s never be a debate over what a classic style sneaker should look like despite the differing opinions you may receive if you pose that question. A classic styled sneaker is not likely going to have much comfort or support, classic shoes didn’t have air bubbles or pockets after all, but these sneakers weren’t designed for hiking, instead they were made for making a style statement. It’s about coordinating your overall outfit while being as functional as possible. Over the years, I’ve been seeing more and more weddings that even leverage the classic style sneaker as their footwear of choice. I don’t necessarily understand, or agree, with the style statement, but I do agree that you can’t always roll around with dress shoes on your feet. I’ve owned several different brands and styles over the years, but there’s one in particular that embodies the classic sneaker look more than any other brand in my opinion. Maybe it’s just the region I’ve grown up in, but in the debate between Converse or PF Flyers I choose to go with what I perceive to be the alternative: PF Flyers.

 Why PF Flyers Over Converse

There’s no debate that Converse shoes were started first, 1908 verse 1933, but for whatever reason Converse shoes seem to have evolved their brand and style over the years. From Chuck Taylor All-Star to CONS to Jack Purcell and now even getting different designers like John Varvatos. For me personally, I’ve always been more about stability and while I love innovation there’s something that I just love about a minimalist look and feel. Not to mention, Converse, for whatever reason, holds their brand as a premium brand and therefore their margins and prices are typically going to be four to five times higher than PF Flyers. A shoe that has very little support and that I’m going to use in only causal situations should not cost as much as a pair of my dress shoes.

PF Flyers Center Lo Sneaker Natural

PF Flyers Center Lo Sneaker Natural

Because five out of the seven days during the week I’m typically in business to business casual attire, I don’t have very many opportunities to wear my causal sneakers. As a result, I only have one pair, which you can see above, the Center Lo Sneaker in Natural color. Maybe you’re a sneaker collector or just have to match as many pieces of clothing in your casual wardrobe as you can, know that there’s a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a pair of PF Flyers, or any causal pair of shoes for that manner, there’s three different sites I usually check out:

Right now, you can save 20% off on with the promo code: 20GREEN or 15% off on Famous Footwear with FFMARCH. However, if you’re looking for the best prices on Converse or PF Flyers, with prices as low as $11.99 on PF Flyers, I would head over to 6pm.

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