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Not everyone wants to take the time, or has the creativity, to create their own personal wall art. I’ve always believed that the artwork, colors and rooms in which you decorate make statements about you as a person. It’s as if you can take a glimpse into someone’s life just by walking into their house, seeing what’s up on their walls and what they’re willing to showcase. Before, when I lived with my parents, it was easy to decorate my room because it just all flowed into one melting pot. When I bought my house however, now it seemed each room represented something different and yet I wanted them to flow from one to the other regardless of the time of year. I realize this might be more time or thought than what someone else might put into how their house is decorated, but the point is it doesn’t matter. Regardless of if you’re looking for the perfect painting, or just want something to cover the wall, is a great resource to peruse on a weekend or leverage for future decorating ideas.’s Resourcefulness

One of the things that I typically look for in a retail website when I’m trying to determine if it will help me save time is I look at how the site is structured. What I love about is their main navigation is ultimately your way to search the site depending on what’s most important to you.  36 different subjects, thousands of artists, 18 different living spaces and 22 different product types that you can search through to help you better your chance of finding your perfect art piece more quickly. Not to mention that if you search under their gallery, which features over 2.5 Million items, you can not only narrow your results by the criteria mentioned, but also by art style, size, shape color and price. For example, if you were searching for a small motivational piece for the game room that was red and under $25, you would get these three pieces: Motivational Art

You can find something no matter how specific your search is.

My personal favorite way to browse, simply from an idea perspective, is to try the shop by room feature so I can see what types of themes other people have in mind and. Then you can see, via a certain number of user galleries, how many people like a particular piece to see what’s most popular or they potentially have in their living area. Maybe you want to find something that’s a little more diamond in the rough? Maybe you have a particular style or specific piece you’re looking for? For those visual viewers like me, you can leverage the visual search tool that lets you either upload a photo and try to match it or select from a criteria and then you can find similar art, pieces that are the same color, artwork from the same artist or from the same theme. Inspire Discovery

Using the Inspire Discovery Tool, you can find similar art pieces.

Once you physically select the piece of art you’re looking for you have more options to determine how the piece is going to look once you purchase it. My example is using a Jackson Pollock piece called 13A: Arabesque. You can see you have numerous options for determining what room it would look best in or you can even upload a photo of your room and move the art piece into the exact place it would be on your wall (really handy!) You can also determine if you want to have it framed and what that looks like or, if you don’t like the framing options they came up with, you can choose to design your own framing option. Room Framed Art

The number of choices you have to help you determine what piece of art you’re going to put up in your man cave does appear a little overwhelming at first, I will admit. However, after taking a few minutes to play around with the tools, this site has incredible capabilities for saving time when searching or a personal piece or, even better, a gift! also seems to have sales fairly often so you don’t have to worry about paying full retail price. Shipping is really reasonable too at $4.00 per order with a $0.99 charge for each item purchased. I would highly recommend utilizing to help you save time doing some interior design research and then wait for a coupon code, if you can, before your pounce on your newest art piece.

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