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Improving Brain Health with Supplementation

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The term ‘Use it or Lose it’ can be used for several different avenues, but an article found on Johns Hopkins University website talks specifically about the necessity for brain stimulation. It’s true, the majority of the issues with cognitive lapses or memory lose come from inactivity of the brain. However, how your fuel your body and what you fuel it with can also have an impact on the energy and mental well being you have. The question is, with all the various supplements and products out on the market what, if anything, can actually help improve your memory and cognition? Today we’re going to examine several different products that lay claim to help keep your mind healthy and sharp and what impact they may be able to have.

Supplements to Help with Brain Health

There’s one item in particular that I personally take that I’ve found to help with my focus and memory aside from having a balanced diet, getting plenty of rest and simply keeping my brain active. There’s a ton of conflicting scientific evidence, but B-Vitamins seem to have a correlation to energy and potential brain health. While I do get a large amount of my vitamins and supplements from the food I eat, I’ve found that by taking a B-Complex I’m able to have ample energy and focus. Personally, I take the B-Complex Plus from Pure Encapsulations. Not only is it affordable, $0.27 per capsule, but it contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Biotin and Folate. This product in particular uses a vegetarian capsule and has no additives or fillers which is what I like best.

pure encapsulations b-complex plus


Another supplement that’s been picking up steam recently has been curcumin. This compound is actually found in tumeric which is a spice commonly used in Indian cooking. There’s many different promoted benefits, including helping reduce inflammation, and potentially improve your memory and brain function. Yes, you could simply added the spice to your cooking, but perhaps you want the benefits without having your entire house smell, or food taste, like Indian food? While I enjoy curries, and the taste of tumeric, I simply don’t have it often enough to get the positive benefits from the spice. Which is why my next order of supplements is going to include the Curcumin from Pure Encapsulations. This is also very affordable at $0.40 per capsule and also comes in a vegetarian capsule without any additives or fillers.

curcumin pure encapsulations


While the scientific data isn’t conclusive, I know that I don’t have the ability to get all the nutrients I need simply through the foods I eat. That’s why I make sure I have various supplements to help make up for anything I’m missing. When it comes specifically to my brain health and function, I turn to the B-Complex Plus and Curcumin combination to help me eat smart and be at my best every single day.

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