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At this point, you’re probably well aware of my love for in-store pickup and how often I try to save time from doing my physical shopping inside a store. You can read all about the various partners and companies I use to help me save time shopping. Today I’d like to feature a new company that I recently discovered has in-store pickup that could help make your shoe buying experience take less than a weekend afternoon or weekday evening. I can understand the reluctancy to purchase a pair of shoes online if they don’t have a great return policy with accompanying free return shipping. What if you could reserve those shoes with in-store pickup instead? Would you be more likely to purchase them through an online retailer? That’s exactly what Footaction offers with their in-store pickup that we’ll be discussing today.

Footaction In-Store Pickup

One of my favorite things to leverage is in-store pickup when I’m shopping.Footaction has in-store pickup which allows you to shop their site and then head to the store to pick your item up. Not only does this save you from having to go into the store and physically find your clothes or shoes, but it will also help you spend smart when you don’t have to spend anything on shipping.

footaction in-store pickup

All items are subject to the availability at a particular store, but with 319 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to find the shoes, and athletic clothing, you want as a part of in-store pickup at Footaction. This is just another way to help you save time and get the shoes and clothing you were looking for.

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