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Walking Your Way To Health With Fitbit

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It’s amazing what a little bit of competition and technology can do for your motivation. Almost a year ago, my work instituted a new health initiative to try and get people up from their desks, more active and more motivated to take control of their health. While they had some pretty incredible prizes the first few quarters that the program was put into place, the habits certainly were changing across the company. Oddly enough, my Mother and Father also decided to take up a new walking initiative too. Ironically enough, we both got the same products and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my father so motivated to hit his daily step count. The simple movement that Fitbit has created has not only changed the health habits of nearly my entire company, but been the driving force to my Father walking over 10 miles, and 30k steps, nearly every day.

 Fitbit Will Inspire You

I’ll be the first one to say that I’m incredibly stubborn. Typically it’s going to take a lot of research, or a solid experience, to convince me that something is worth investing my time and energy into. The simplicity of Fitbit is really quite genius because it’s incredibly simple and easy to use, yet incredibly motivating. There’s something about physically seeing your friends or family beating you in steps that makes you want to get off your rear and go get a few steps. I’ll probably never be to the level of my Father, who knows exactly how many steps he can get from the TV room to the family room and how many laps he needs to take, but I’ve definitely found myself taking extra trips around the house or the workplace with the purpose of getting a few extra steps. In case you haven’t heard of Fitbit, here’s a little bit about who they are and what they’re about.


From everyone that I know that has one of these devices at work, or that’s in my family, I can tell you their statistic of 43% is probably just an average. It’s amazing how prideful you can get when you log in and see your steps and are motivated simply to, well, not suck! Fitbit has capitalized on this sentiment building upon it with their newest campaign of Celebrity Challenges where different celebrities challenge each other for the award of $10k to their favorite charity.

Fitbit Celebrity Challenge

It’s true, this post is not in the traditional sense like the rest of the look smart category that focuses on what you can wear to enhance your style, but this is something that you can wear and will definitely help you look smart because of how fit you are from all the daily steps you put in. I admit, I was a skeptic at first, but once I started wearing the comfortable band, I didn’t even realize it was on my wrist. It was so simple to sync, with a Bluetooth connection, that it wasn’t an intrusion into my daily habits at all. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation to get more fit, I would definitely look into Fitbit to help you achieve your daily walking and fitness goals.

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  1. Alan Liebman

    I highly recommend using Fitbit . It will change your life about staying active.It is habit forming.


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