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The Upscale Resale Option: Moxie Jean

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Every once and a while I hear about a new brand or company that doesn’t have an impact on me because of my current lifestyle. In the past, I’ve ignored their marketing, but as I’ve started this mission to help others look smart, eat smart and spend smart, I’ve started to branch out and try to put myself in my readers shoes to determine if it would be beneficial to them. I recently came across this company that I’m still not certain if my mother would have used when I was growing up, but am certain there’s a market for with other parents. The whole market of baby and kids clothes can be challenging since they can grow so quickly. If you have any desire to get high end clothing it’s a recipe for disaster because they’re going to out grow it without much use. That’s where a company like Moxie Jean comes in that provides an ‘upscale resale’ environment for kids and maternity clothes on some of your favorite brands. So if you want your kid, or know of someone’s kid, that you want to look smart then you’re going to want to read more.

The Moxie Jean Concept

The Moxie Jean story comes from the desire to have high quality baby clothes with the ability to pass them on to another family when you’re done with them. The FAQ section is quite lengthy, but they’ve had quote a bit of national press about the movement they’ve started. The wide range of sizes and brands available allows you to dress your child how you want at an affordable price. The best part is, there’s a 100% money back guarantee, no-hassle returns up to 60 days regardless of the issue and the ability to sell your clothes back to them for free (return postage is included).

Moxie Jeans Savings

Because you might be hesitant to try the service, Moxie Jean does offer a 20% off your 1st purchase by signing up for their email newsletter. You should also know that Moxie Jean does have a defined list of what they will accept for sell backs, but you can always email them through their website for more information. Finally,you can either get cash back, Moxie Money or donate your proceeds to families undergoing treatment at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago that are in need of clothing with the money you get back. All of the clothes you receive, and therefore sell back, are not brand new, but they are in excellent condition so it feels like you’re buying or selling to one of your favorite baby clothing boutique stores. Finally, Moxie Jean also recently started selling maternity clothing so you don’t have to worry about stretching out your current clothes or having to wear baggy clothes to be comfortable during your last trimester or two. Moxie Jean is certainly paving the way by helping solve a problem for millions of parents every year while helping kids look smart in the process.

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