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Up Your Sock Game with Happy Socks

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Recently, we’ve been examining various companies that can help you increase your style through the use of accessories. So far we’ve examined the Tie Bar and Warby Parker as ways to add a little extra flair into your day. One very obvious accessory that we’ve yet to examine, that can make a big statement no matter who you are, are your socks. Before I ever ventured beyond Sears or Fred Meyer for socks, I always thought there were just white or black athletic, black or blue dress or, if you really wanted to get crazy, some kind of argyle styled socks. There’s several different companies on the market that cater specifically to socks, but one of the more creative company’s that I’ve come across has been focusing on socks for over seven years. Until you’ve visited Happy Socks, you’ll never realize what combinations of colors or patterns are actually possible. If you’re ready to go from basic to extreme then it’s time to take a crash course run with this sock company.

Happy Socks Takes Socks to a New Level

The best way I could describe Happy Socks when I stumbled upon them was, ‘Wow, I didn’t even realize that was possible.’ The imagination and design team they must have has to be incredible. They offer Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Athletic, Underwear and even Special Edition socks. Your best bet to determine what you like best is to explore yourself, but here’s a little bit of inspiration to help you get started.

Happy Socks PatternHappy Socks MulticolorHappy Socks Stripes



Maybe these are a little too intense for you, or you’re not sure you could pull off the colors. Instead of clamming up sometimes you just have to go for it. Find ways to be expressive and make a subtle statement. You know if you saw someone on the streets wearing one of the pairs shown above that their socks instantly exudes confidence. I prefer the subtle patterns and color combinations, but regardless what you choose Happy Socks is definitely going to help you look smart.

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