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Suits with Stretch & Recovery Technology: The Jetsetter

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As someone who enjoys dressing up for work on a daily basis, it can be challenging to find a basic ‘starter set’ of clothing. Personally, as I described in the introduction post for this blog, I spent an incredible amount of time researching and planning exactly what I wanted and how to build my wardrobe. I understand, most people don’t want to take the necessary time to do all of the research, they just want clothes that fit right and make them look smart. While my experience with Bonobos is limited to their pants, they are a great company to utilize for building your basic start set of pieces for your wardrobe. Today, we’re going to examine what Bonobos is calling their ‘ideal first suit’ for those just getting their wardrobe and fashion started called The Jetsetter.

The Jetsetter: A Great Start

I remember the first suit I ever bought. It was a clearance rack JCPenny black pinstripe suit by a brand by the name of City Street. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds which included a pair of pants that were actually an inch too long, a waist too big and the boxiest jacket in the history of suits. How I ever landed a job with this thing is incredible, but that’s exactly why I bought it, I was a sophomore in college and need to look more professional. If I could go back and do it all over again, I probably would have saved the $84.68 that I saved for the two pieces and just saved up for something of better quality.

black pinstripe suit

Think much lower quality and much less flattering on my frame

After all, it seems entire businesses have been able to capitalize on men shopping for and getting their first suits Assuming they like the quality and way they look, they’re more likely to purchase additional suits from them in the future. That’s where Bonobos comes in with their latest creation called ‘The Jetsetter‘. They built this suit with the specific intentions of men purchasing it as a great first suit because of its comfortability, style and versatility. This is a high twist wool yarn with the intentions of you being able to wear it all year-long with a simplistic look to it. This is a two-button, double-vent suit that’s 97% wool with 3% stretch for comfort and recovery. If you’re skeptical about the recovery statement just watch the video below:

Now this certainly isn’t the cheapest suit in the world with it’s $525 price tag, but with Bonobos commitment to offering you the best fitting clothing you can find, coupled with their amazing return policy, you really have nothing to loose by trying out ‘The Jetsetter‘. Remember, typically you get what you pay for in the suit department, so while there are companies that offer Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals, typically you have to pay for any and all the alterations and typically the base fitting is one that’s for as many people as possible. My experience has always been that if an article of clothing fits properly, in a manner that makes you feel confident, you’re much more likely to wear it.

The Jetsetter by Bonobos

The Jetsetter by Bonobos

However, if you’re still on the fence, and you need a little extra incentive, Bonobos is offering 20% off when you use the code SPRINGSTYLE that can be used on ‘The Jetsetter‘ making the total price tag, because shipping is free, $420. You’ll have to act fast in order to get the deal though as the coupon code expires on 4/4/2015. So if you’re looking for a way to look smart in a suit I highly recommend you give ‘The Jetsetter‘ a try.

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