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There’s a site that aligns with exactly what this site promotes helping you look smarteat smart and spend smart with an emphasis on helping you save time. It’s hard to overlook Costco and their wholesale pricing, but as one site reminds you there’s a million reasons to shop elsewhere. In order to switch from your local warehouse club, you have to be getting the same great prices, but accomplish this in less time, using less resources and cause yourself less stress. The average trip to the local warehouse club takes over 180 minutes on top of the fact you have to have a membership in order to save money. I’m very pleased to introduce the site Boxed and share with you why you can eliminate your Costco membership by using them.

Get Warehouse Club Prices with Boxed

There’s two reasons consumers are willing to pay a membership fee to shop at a warehouse club: 1) Price and 2) Quantity. Those two things go hand in hand because typically the more you buy the less you end up paying on a per use basis. Also, for families, or individuals that just consume high volumes, being able to get the large quantities so you don’t have to make as frequent stops at the store is a huge time saver. That’s exactly what Boxed does, the provide you with the same pricing you can get from the warehouse clubs, the same quantity and typically most orders ship free.


You will have to do some searching around Boxed initially just to get the feel and know what products they offer. Obviously you’re not going to be able to get anything fresh or things that can spoil, but you will be able to find a large variety of household, health and beauty, grocery along with kids and diapers items. You can always find great value with the items that are on sale too in their hot deals section.

Boxed Flushable Wipes

$19.99 for a price of $0.04/wipe!

Boxed Irish Spring

$10.99 for a $0.55/bar price!

Boxed Coconut Oil

$27.99 for a $0.36/oz price!








A few of the products I plan on purchasing include the Coconut Oil, Irish Spring Bar Soap and the Moist Flushable Wipes. It’s free to signup and your first order includes free shipping. If you use my special code ZUO5O at the checkout of your first order you’ll also receive $10 off your first order for being a new customer. So if you’re tired of traveling to your warehouse club, but still want to spend smart and save time in the process, give Boxed a try and see for yourself how much time and money you can save.

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